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Installing JoomSEF after sh404sef
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TOPIC: Installing JoomSEF after sh404sef

Installing JoomSEF after sh404sef 15 years, 7 months ago #5449

  • miun
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a lot of questions in these forums are related to:
After installing JoomSEF, there are SQL queries visible over my page, why is that?
or other problems, that have however the same cause - previous installation of sh404sef.

Please make sure that if you had sh404sef installed previously in your Joomla site, that after uninstalling it, also all its DB tables were removed successfully, especially the jos_redirection table.

These components - JoomSEF and sh404sef use the table with the same name, however, there are not fully compatible, so JoomSEF cannot write to jos_redirection table created by sh404sef and that leads to many error, often hiddeous ones.

Also note that sh404sef does NOT clean its table on uninstall by default, so you will most probably to do this manually.

The process to follow is:
  1. Uninstall JoomSEF (if already installed)
  2. Check your database using a DB tool such as phpMyAdmin and check if table jos_redirection exists. Please, note that other table prefix than jos_ may be used, this depends on your DB + Joomla configuration. If it exists, delete it. If other sh404sef tables also exist, you may delete them as well, but the other tables are not conflicting with JoomSEF, so it does not matter if thet stay in your DB.
  3. Reinstall JoomSEF
ARTIO Support Team
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Re:Installing JoomSEF after sh404sef 15 years, 6 months ago #5491

then can you tell us what are those Tables name ?
to remove manually .

beacuase i have SH404SEF on my site after that i disabled this component and install the Joomsef ... but when i want to enable SEF from Global Configuration my site says "Cannot Find Server" ...
i think i must unistall both of thease components and reinstall Joomsef ! (it is beter than SH404SEF ;) )

now again question is : which Tables i must Drop from Phpmyadmin ?

tanx .. (and happy new year )
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Re:Installing JoomSEF after sh404sef 15 years, 6 months ago #5602

jos_redirection table << delete it
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Re:Installing JoomSEF after sh404sef 15 years, 6 months ago #5656

thank you, this was my problem as well. I'd tried that sef, and it was just way to complicated, even the documentation to install and fix errors was way over my head and I thought I understood html and such pretty good. I just kept looking here in forum tho and finally found an answer. Fixed the problem right up and the site works perfectly.

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Re:Installing JoomSEF after sh404sef 15 years, 3 months ago #6415

i have followed your instructions for removing the table and any other sh404 db tables, but now my problem is, when i try to install joomsef i get a blank page in the admin and the component doesnt install.

i figured i would try to reinstall sh404 to see what happens, and low and behold, i get a blank page on install and no installation is done under my components tab

i am running 1.5.10 legacy
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Very thanks, now work fine ... :D 15 years, 3 months ago #6505

  • d@nny
Hi ARTIO Team ...

I write from italy :)

First of all i want to make my congratulations for ARTIO JoomSef component , the best SEF component for me...

Thanks to this thread i solved all problems with this componens and now work very very very fine on my site...

I registered specially to ask how can I make a donation, i have american express..

you can send me an email with the details for donation?

thanks ... :D...

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