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TOPIC: Seyret Plugin

Seyret Plugin 14 years, 10 months ago #7736

Only after I upload a video it's adding home as the seyret alias in the urls.

For instance it's building urls such as

and not

This is only after an upload, when I add a video it does fine.

When I turn artio off it works fine, don't know why it's throwing home in there.

It was working fine for a few hours then went haywire for some reason. I actually thought I had everything working right until this problem.
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Re:Seyret Plugin 14 years, 10 months ago #7768

I found out what the problem is, it is an actual bug. Basically if I set the permissions where each user is not allowed to publish video, it works.

For instance, user uploads video, I have to go into my admin account and hit the x circle and publish it. Then Artio writes the url fine and there are no errors.

But, if I allow the user to automatically publish his or her video under permissoins, it does not work. Everytime I click on the users video, it sends me to my homepage.

It would be great if you guys could find the error in the code and fix it.
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Re:Seyret Plugin 14 years, 10 months ago #7773

  • pavel
Are you sure you are using latest versions of Joomla, JoomSEF, Seyret and Seyret SEF extension? Please, paste these versions here.

Re:Seyret Plugin 14 years, 10 months ago #7798

Joomla Version 1.5.14
Artio 3.3.4
Seyret Video Directories Extension 2.0.0

This is how it goes, in order to get the upload videos page to work properly. You have to publish the video from the admin backend then visit the url yourself. If you don't visit the url yourself, the page and urls don't function properly, you basically get sent to the frontpage. So then you have to delete the url in the back end, then visit the url again, then it works fine.

But it's weird, when you use the add video function everything works fine. For some reason the upload function doesn't work properly.

I think the reason no one reported it yet is because everyone uses the add video button, because no one wants to host videos on their site because the large bandwidth usage.

If you're not familiar with the add video fucntion, it basically adds videos from 3rd person videos from youtube and gamertrailers etc...

Everything works fine on the extension except for the upload function.
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Re:Seyret Plugin 14 years, 10 months ago #7805

  • pavel
I will try to reproduce your problem and let you know today or tomorrow.

It's weird, it works perfectly fine for me, URLs are some for both Add Videos and Upload Videos... You have only one menu item for Seyret component?
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