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HTML Optimization & SEO Services

Each website should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized to be easier to find for Internet users. Our company provides all services related to website SEO optimization. We realize that SEO is one of the main presumptions of success of any existing or newly created website. Our services are focused to optimalization of html pages primary for Google robots, however, significant effects are visible at other search engines systems as well.

What will you get if your web is SEO optimized?

SEO Process

  • Increase of total visitor numbers

  • Pages are easy to find on the Internet
  • Enhanced significance and quality of the website
  • Website becomes effective tools for marketing
  • Increase ROI (Return On Investments) index

Search and Web Optimalization

We are ready to offer you full service about search optimization. The very first step include analyse of the current pages and interview with the client to align our activity with client's marketing goals. The results of the analyze will identify, what changes should be made. As the second phase, we are monitor and check the website continually and make needed adjustments in content and optimizations according to the new results to match the goals. This process enables to achieve a good "search results" over time. Customer has also full access to visitor statistics to be able to see the effects himself.

  • Analyze of the current website (includes analyze of keywords, content, validity of the source code, etc. ...)

  • Adjustment of the website to be more SEO optimized
  • Set up SEO friendly urls - SEM, SEF
  • Monitoring of visits and analyze continuously

Generally each optimalization is divided to the two parts. We are focused to on-page and also off-page factors.

SEO Tools

We are using Google Analytics to get full statistics about visits. That is one of the best and powerful tools. Customer has online access to Google Analytics as well and can check if already made adjustments on the pages were right and increased total visits.

Our company has also other internal tools, which are helping to check keyword density, pagerank, validity of the code, backlinks and other factors. Websites, which are based on the Joomla! content management system, should used our component JoomSEF, which manage URL's to be user friendly.

SEO Service Pricing

We may offer you generally three type of SEO services: website analyze, one-time adjustments according to analyze or continuous maintenance of website to maintain SEO optimization and strenghten positions in search engines.

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