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€ 0.05
per message

SMS gateway to send messages from ARTIO products easily or fast integration in many popular open-source systems. Extremely fast set-up, simple billing, world-wide coverage.

This product adds additional comfort and features to users of our products, but not only to them. Do you want to send SMS to your client once his reservation gets confirmed in Book-it? Or do you want to notify your e-shop customers about their product just being shipped?

Not a problem. We can make it happen. With world-wide coverage and no additional implementation costs. You only pay per a message sent. Plus, the more you send, the better price per message.

How to Get the SMS Service?

There are two main ways how you can access to ARTIO SMS gateway.

Either you download or purchase some of our products that integrate the gateway API, or you implement the SMS gateway API into your code. To make the gateway active, you only need to be registered at our site, and active the SMS Services for your account.

You are only a few clicks from that. To start right away, check our First Steps tutorial.


  • Extremely fast SMS gateway set-up
  • Simple usage
  • No integration costs - ready-made components for popular open-source software
  • No monthly or setup fees: pay as you use with a pre-paid credit
  • Monitor the use and costs

Billing and Prices

The service is billed on pre-paid credit principle. Before you can start sending SMS, you need to purchase initial credit. This can be easily purchased in our e-store. We offer several options, starting from 10 credits to 12.500 credit pack. In case of even higher volumes needed, we can offer individual pricing.

The price of one credit differs based on the volume of credits in a pack purchased. Generally it is between € 0,05 - € 0,07.

Prices of SMS messages are billed in credits. Most usual price of a single SMS message is 0.8 - 1 credit, but some exceptions exists. You can find full pricing details in the SMS Service Pricelist.

The consuption of credits can be followed through the logs at our site, within the installed components that integrate the SMS gateway or via the API.

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