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Video on Demand (VoD)

Video on Demand is a technology for downloading multimedia content from Internet. The content could be protected by DRM (or other) license. Customers may check content on the website and  make a purchase online. Our system provide online rental of DVD, online purchase of movies or music.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology

Content, movies or music, could be protected by DRM technology. We are using DRM based on the Microosft DRM. System may generally use DRM from the discretionary sources. DRM enable to set up license rules, which are complaint with rules of publishers. License could contains restriction for number of playing, expiration time, allow to burn content on the CD/DVD, etc.

Basic process of get content includes particular steps, which are provided by our system:

  • get content from the publisher automatically
  • set up a license rules (DRM rules)
  • publish content
  • purchase process
  • billing process
  • deliver license to the player

Additional functionality of the system are: geofiltering based on IP address, reports for major publishers (SONY BMG, Warner, etc.), payments by CC, SMS or vouchers, advertisement and affiliate modules.

System schema - how does it work?

VoD System Schema


Reference Project Screenshot - Online video and audio sales

Online video and audio title sales. All content is protected by DRM license.

Real-time synchronization with multimedia publisher databases. Invoicing and reporting system, partnership programme.

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