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Website Design and Development

We provide website design and web development services for organizations, public and government institutions, municipalities (towns and cities), company or private web-pages. Our aim and advantage is ability to offer our customers full portfolio of web-related services, such as consultations, web-design, web development, web-hosting, site maintenance, SEO and online site marketing or regular security updates.

Most of the web presentations we create for our clients nowadays are based on some type of content management system (CMS), that enable them and their users to manage and update the website easily without need of any special web-design or web development knowledge.

Reasons for a Website

We believe that nowadays, there is not many people left who would not understand importance of Internet and its mission of publishing and sharing information of all kind, commercial (company products or services), non-commercial (news, official information to citizens, cultural events information, ...) or simply its role as entertainment medium.

We can help you manage this and create a new websites for you or your company / organization or modernize and update or redesign your current website.

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ARTIO has designed and developed many websites for all types of customers: companies, munincipalities or government related intitutions. We always aim to identify the client's individual needs and suggest a solution that will help them fullfill their primary business mission.

At this place, we would like to present you some of the most relevant website designs from different areas.

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Too see more complete reference list - project type categorized - please visit our Website design portfolio.

Top Website Features

Standards and requirements for a successful modern website are dramatically changing all the time. Internet is growing every day and visitors are attracted only by the site with highest quality and most valueable content. Our many years experience and proffesionality is at your service.

Top properties of a successful website

  • Simplicity
  • Easy to navigate
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Multilingual or multi-language support
  • Modularity and easy to expand
  • Fast and easy to manage and update using WYSIWYG editor
  • Secure and protecting private data
  • Complying with all W3C standards
  • Friendly to disabled people
  • Valuable and well-targeted content

The webdesign we create and the content management systems that we use will help you achieve all these properties at minimal cost.

Standard Website Implementation Procedure

  1. Analyzing customer needs and wishes
  2. Price offer and agreement
  3. Design proposal (one or more sketches) and approval
  4. Implementing the website
  5. CMS usage training and handover
  6. Search engine optimization and online website marketing
  7. (optional) maintenance, improvments, monitoring and security updates

Website Optional Features

Addionally to standard plain text information publishing functions, our CMS driven web presentations come with wide set of tools that may be easily integrated, such as newsletters, image galleries, on-line forums and chats, polls, news, public and private sections, customer registration, and many more. For details about these applications, please check the pages of the CMS products we offer.

It is also possible to embed these solutions to you existing presentation and enhance its current functionality.

Website Related Services

We are ready to provide full care for your website and secure all necessary services.


This service include publishing your ready website in the Internet (www) - webhosting - on server with proper hardware and software equipment. Based on needs and agreement, this can be either some of the public mass hosting services or hosting on one of our secured servers. This service also includes creation e-mail accounts with spam-filtering and further related services. Learn more about our webhosting services.

Domain registration and prolongation

If you do not have own Internet domain, we can register any available domain for you, domestic or international. We also take care of all technical details related to domain reservation and maintenance, such as maitaining DNS records. We will also keep eye on prolongation dates and notify you about neccessary steps.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Another step for a website to be successful is attracting visitors. To manage this, nowadays a proper optimization for web search robots, such as Google or Yahoo, is required. Learn more about our search engine optimization (SEO) services.

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