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Animiert Flash Grafe für Joomla: FusionCharts

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free* or from
€ 59.90

* free edition has certain limitations, see Editions Comparison for details

Charting and graph plotting extension for Joomla CMS. FusionCharts allows Joomla users to create exciting JavaScript charts and easily integrate them into their Joomla sites.

Component helps you add to website article unique charts and graphs. All common charts type are supported: column, line or pie charts also with multi-series data. FusionCharts extension is easy to install and use.

Animated and Interactive JavaScript Charts for Joomla

FusionCharts Free provides you the necessary chart types and features that cover all your basic charting needs.

  • You can create Column, Line and Pie charts for your single-series or multi-series data.
  • Intuitive UI with easy customization.
  • Interactive tooltips to show detailed information.

How Much Do JavaScript Charts Cost?

ARTIO FusionCharts for Joomla component is free. Extension integrates FusionCharts Free with Joomla’s native work environment. We are providing also paid version of ARTIO FusionCharts, which offers additional charts with nicer appearance.

FusionCharts is the world's leading Free and open source JavaScript charting solution which is used by more than 100,000 developers all over the world.

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    • The looks of the graphs are really cool and very customizable. If you need something on top though (plus some more and animated graphs) that easily drives graphs from database connections you'll need a paid license, but for me this was totally worth it. Olaf, Germany


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Chart Types

See what chart types the FusionCharts for Joomla can generate.


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FusionCharts - FLASH Joomla CMS 1.5 native compatibleJoomla CMS 1.6 native compatible Joomla CMS 1.7 compatibleJoomla CMS 2.5 compatible


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