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Book it! 2.1.0 is out!

The new release of Book-it! - version 2.1.0 is here. This release brings quite a few important improvements and changes, such as occupany and capacity features, AJAX calendar, responsive desgin support, new notification emails, ...

ARTIO Booking is an universal Joomla component for online bookings and reservations. Allows bookings of one or more objects, with reservation overviews using month, week and day layouts.

The extension can be easily setuped to be used in different type of industries that have need for booking/reservation applications, such as car (or other) rentals, accomodation booking, facility (sport, recreation) reservation, conference room reservations, etc. To adapt it, no extra coding is needed, all can be configured from back-end.

Book it! 2.1.0 Changelog

--- 2.1.0 --- [18.07.2013]
new - design cleanup and simplifying
new - calendar listing using AJAX
new - responsive design support
new - added occupancy parameter for accommodation-type booking that can affect price
new - new tags for email templates
new - payment methods switched to plugins for easier handling
new - configuration/price display options
new - notification about status change to the manager as well (paid/pro only)
new - notification about reservation cancellation by customer to the manager (paid/pro only)
new - e-mail auto notifications (paid/pro only)
new - hourly price over midnight Eg.: 10PM Friday - 4AM Saturday
new - support "free" reservations (no payment or deposit required)
new - PayU payment gateway support
new - German translation
new - improved Gap time
new - enable to block # days starting from current day
imp - allow processing of 3rd party plugins in Item descriptions
fix - search module revision
fix - gallery bugs and image handling
fix - standard design (detail images)
fix - ordering Item properies

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