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E.S.O.: European Synergy for Opportunities

E.S.O. - European Synergy for Opportunities is a project to support developmet of Moravian-Silesian region and bordering regions in Poland and Slovakia.

We are activelly participationg on the technical part of this project. This includes operating and maintenance of the project portal at and developing a database and search service called ESONET.

ESONET aims to be a powerfull search and database tool to provide services for supplier-consumer organizations to easily identify and contact new business partners. ESONET will also offer tools for on-line tenders, auctions and many more. This project was motivated by investments of the big international companies such as KIA or Hyundai in our region and their requirements to be able to fast find a reliable partners.

E.S.O. logo The ESONET projects aims to be an electronic alternative for the paper katalogue that already existist for purposes of KIA factory in Zilina, Slovakia. The existing catalogue was prepared by the marketing and communication company Pulary, which is our partner in this project. This project should develop the idea of the catalogue further and provide an additional value by implementing tools both for suppliers and consumers.

The ESONET project is currently in intensive development and should be introduced in September 2006. Visit the E.S.O. project site to find more information and check back regularily as we will keep the information about this project uptodate.

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