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Online Ski-pass Recharging System

An online utility for on-line ski-pass rechargment. The internal name is Carlos, which stands for a Card Loading System. It is compatible with ski-gate systems made by Axess A.G.

The system enables operator of the ski areals to prover further comfort to their customers. There is no need to wait in queus to buy or recharge a ski-pass. They can now do so comfortably from the warm of their homes easily using internet connection before they decide to go. Carlos offers also on-line payment possibilities, therefore strong security measures were implemented.

Technical details:

This product is based on the Web Service (WS) architecture and is using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). It is designed "light" and can be easily integrated into existing web presentation of the ski-resort operator. It has also possibility to be integrated with other special features as web-shop for ski equipment or souveniers or ski-equipment rental services.

Main product feaures include:

  • buying a new ski-pass online
  • recharging existing ski-pass for selected dates
  • on-line payments for tickets
  • integration with web-shop and ski-rental services possible

Implementations 2005:

It has been successfully implemented in two of the biggest ski-resorts in Finland:

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