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Using the Artio e-mail service

This article will guide you through setting up the Artio e-mail service on an ADSL connection, for example with the Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail clients. With minor differences, these instructions also apply for various mobile devices.

Start by adding a new e-mail account to your e-mail client by using the wizard. At this point you must have your user name available. The server for sending and receiving e-mail is

If you are using a mobile device, it may be necessary to download and install the Comodo CA certificate authority.

You can use either the POP3 or IMAP settings. By default, the POP3 protocol transfers the messages to your own computer, while IMAP keeps the folders on the e-mail server. IMAP is a more feature rich and modern solution, able to simultaneously use multiple folders on the server as well as locally and transfer messages between them. If you choose to use IMAP, please remember that the default e-mail storage limit is 4000 megabytes.

Finally, open the account settings and make the following changes.

  1. Select “My server requires authentication” (fig. 1) in the “Servers” tab.
  2. Select “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” in the “Advanced” tab and set the port number for outgoing mail to 465. If using the POP3 protocol, the port number for incoming mail is 995. (fig. 2)
  3. If you chose the IMAP protocol, the port number for outgoing mail is also 465, and for incoming mail 993.
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