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Financing - software leasing

For our customers we provide financing of the entire project. Thanks to financial leasing it is possible to finance purchase of software and hardware equipment. The lenght of payment is usually 36 months.

The advantage of financing trough leasing is the optimalization of company cash-flow and possibility to purchase new hardware or software according to actual needs without sufficient funds. Leasing can be used without deposit and the lenght of payment can be set individually.

Software and hardware leasing

It is possible to conclude the leasing contract from the purchase price 20.000 CZK (excl. VAT). The entire request process may be carried out within 36 hours. Lease instalments are business cost for customer and therefore tax deduct-able. Monthly instalments are constant troughout the period which allows an optimal investment planning.

Software hire purchase: preliminary calculation

Lease instalment below are based on purchase price of 100.000,00 CZK (without VAT). The fee for processing the contract is 2.000,00 CZK, payable after contract conclusion. Instalments do not cover the hardware insurance. On the end of leasing the purchase price is 1.000 CZK.

No. of instalmentsMonthly instalment
36 3.500 CZK
48 2.700 CZK

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