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Ok. I just ran it using another account and it went through. Sorry to hassle you over nothing!
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Category: Pre-sale Questions
My Apologies David. When I attempted to verify that we had been charged I noticed that it was for another Joomla plugin vendor. I will try again with a different payment method and see if that works.

I think the problem is that paypal did not inform us that the payment was not processed.

I'll follow up with you later today.

Kind Regards,
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Category: Pre-sale Questions
Hi Artio,

Thanks for making such a great SEF product! We've been testing using the free version and very much enjoy how the software works.

The Control Panel is Brilliantly designed and easy to use.

Unfortunately we have purchased the software and our card issuer has verified that we have been charged but our order still says "Pending."

I placed this request for help in Pre-sale Questions because I wasn't sure where else to put it so sorry if it's in the wrong place.

Please assist us with this so that we can enter the upgrade code and update to the commercial version of the software.

Thank you so much!

Order Number: 00027689
Order Date: 23. October 2012
Order is flagged as ...
Category: Pre-sale Questions
Order Number: 00027689

Says it's pending still. I get redirected to paypal when trying to buy the invoice. Also your support forum rudely kicked me back to the community much for a paying customer getting decent support.
Where is my order?
Category: Community Support
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