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Reports types


The basic statistic type that may not be missing in any E-shop. thumb_ordersdfGraph includes two quantity - number of orders and yield. The graph can be separate between two dates, which you can select from calendar dialogs. You can also choose after what time intervals will be orders calculate (hours, days, weeks,...). Chart is combinated, the number of orders are displayed as columns, yields as polylines. For clarify you can see just one of them. The yield is calculated according to order status. In a tab setting you can choose which status are included in yields. For speeding and dulcification your work you can choose pre-set values for select the time interval for the last 24 hours, week, 30 days, 90 days or one year. The pre-set also include the optimal time interval for data grouping. You can change it according to your wishes.

Order Statuses

Statistics that are displayed as two pie charts. One pie chart for thumb_orders_status_product_seleabilitythe number of orders and the second one for total sum. You must select the start and end data. Also exists pre-set time (see paragraph Orders). Thanks to use FusionCharts component are the graphs transparent and interactive. After clicking on the chart section this part pull out. The graph you can also rotate in the 3D view or 2D view to better understanding of the proportion of each sector. Each sector is supplemented by a legend with percentage rate. After mouse displacement on the specific part it shown the absolute value of this sector.

User Groups

This is a user groups, their number of orders and yields in thumb_user_groupsa given period. Also there are two pie charts (number of orders and yields) in this component. Control and functionallity is similar as a order status.

Products Saleability

thumb_product_seleability_dsdThe statistics allow comparison products saleability over the time or comparison of the two products. This statistic is important for decide if sell of not. The functionality is similar as a order statistics. In addition it contains a dialog products selection. This dialog allows selection an unlimited number of products, which are then displayed in the chart. Goods list can be very long therefore the dialogue contains a filter. By the help of filtr you can filter products names.

Payment Methods

thumb_payment_methodsIs important to know what payment methods are used the most for adapt to your customers. There are two pie charts that show the orders number and the yields. The functionality you can see in the Order status.


Category Saleability

The statistics allow select a few of categories and create the selling thumb_top_productsgraph. You can locate which goods are the most marketed and focus on them. The functionality corresponds to the orders statistics. In addition it is extended to selectbox. It allows select multiple number of categories under the tree stucture what you can see in our store.


Saleability Chart

The above statistics allow monitor the saleability time process. thumb_top_categoriesmBut how determinate which one is the best? The saleability charts for the products, user and categories are here for this purpose. On the basis of two variables (number and yield) you can locate which product was the best selling in the specific period. The charts you can sort by two variables and change its time interval. Pre-set time interval is 5, 10 and 20 best selling products. The number and the yields are displayed in the simple graph as a multicolored columns.

Country Orders

If you have clients from different countries you´ll certainly thumb_top_countryappreciate the country chart ranking according to their saleability. It´s column chart in the horizontal orientation. In this chart is marked yield in each country for a specific period. Also you can regulate chart lenght (5, 10 or 20 notes).

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