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VM Reports Features

VM Reports extension for VirtueMart was created with view to simple operation and transparent display of basic business statistics throught animated and interactived flash charts using ARTIO FusionCharts.

Animated Charts

thumb_animaceAll types of graphs include animation. Column and line chart gradually rising, pie charts rotating or you can pull out individual pieces for better clarify. The animation is started in every time when the graphs are loading.

Intuitive User Interface

thumb_rozhranThe statistics are section to transparent menu by the area of interest.It making easy to search. Page itself is transparent with sufficiently large graphs (you can choose randon size of the graph).

User Setting

thumb_uivatelsk_nastavenEach statistic contains a form that lets you choose which data wantyou to display. Not only a time range but also the time intervals (hour, day, week, etc.), display multiple values in the single graph (eg. number, yield) or reduce the statement size eg. the best selling products. Furthermore, is possible to display the charts of several entities into a single chart (eg. selling various types of goods).

AJAX dialogues

thumb_ajaxAJAX technology allows to change some of the website without having to load it all again. For example: Dialog selection of products in the statistics is solution in this way and you can ever filtering the list. Chart setting is the matter of the few mouse clicks.

VM Reports component setting

thumb_vm_reports_component_settingParameters setting is very simple. For example: you can choose graphsize or number of columns on the page. The important feature is possibility to select which orders are included in the calculation of profit.

Interactive help

thumb_npovda All types of graphs include interactive help. Whenever you moveyour mouse on the data in the chart display you detail information about displayed data. The overall impression is then much transparent.

Several statistic quatities in a simple chart

thumb_prmr_sCharts allow to view several features for each entity at the same time (number, yield). Each feature has its own axis. You will see axises in the resonable level from which you can much better subtracted information.

Pre-set features

thumb_pre-set_features Statistic setting can change at will. You have a possibility to use apre-set, which speed up your work. There are several pre-sent time period in which you can searching data. Every pre-sent time period has pre-sent time interval for data grouping (hour, day, week, etc.), for the most transparent graph form. You have also possibility to change this value.

Quick and easy installation by VirtueMart

thumb_instalaceDue to distribution through installation package is run VM Reports on your E-shop very easy. Simply select the file, one mouse click and you can already use the full functionality of this useful extension.


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