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VirtueMart - Money S3 Connector: B2Sync

B2Sync: VirtueMart - PohodaB2Sync is a special modul - connector for bridging between VirtueMart and Cígler Software Money S3 accounting software. This tool can export VirtueMart orders and import them into accountancy SW as invoices or orders, update stock statuses in e-shop and many more...

Supports all versions of Cígler Software Money S3.

Synchronizing VirtueMart - Money S3

Allows exporting orders from VirtueMart on daily bases or using a time range. Also allows many different export configuration settings for correct pairing with accountancy data. Orders can be import into Money S3 as received order or issued invoices.

More details about VirtueMart - Money S3 bridge features are available at the B2Sync Overview page.

B2Sync - Control PanelB2Sync - XML export



The mofulr for bridging and synchronization of VirtueMart and Money S3 can be purchased in the ARTIO e-store.

Účetní program Money S3

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