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Document Management for Joomla: JoomDOC 2

ARTIO JoomDOC logoDocument management and download manager extension for Joomla. Upload, create and organize documents, so your visitors can browse and download them easily.

JoomDOC enables creating downloadable documents, associating them with different types of files (e.g. PDFs, text documents, spreasheets, zip archives, ...), licenses (optionally) and categorizing them into a hiearchical category structure. Each document or category can be assigned a specific user or group access level. Authorized users can upload, edit and manage documents.

JoomDOC 3 Now Available!

This page relates to deprecated version of JoomDOC 2, that has been currently replaced by a completely reworked version - JoomDOC 3, a brand new generation of document management system integrated into Joomla CMS 1.6 & 1.5. Learn more about JoomDOC 3.

JoomDOC Control PanelJoomDOC Document ManagementJoomDOC Frontend - Category Listing

The Story Behind JoomDOC

For a long time, we have been waiting for DocMAN component to be converted to Joomla 1.5 native mode. Finally, we gave up and have decided to do the job ourselves. The result of our effort is called JoomDOC. It is fully compatible with Joomla! 1.5 and works in native mode.

Originally, we wanted to name it DocMan 2, however, due to the Joomla Extenstions community naming policies, we were forced to choose another name. We decided to name the new component JoomDOC.

JoomDOC (DocMAN) Main Features

JoomDOC has a full funcitonality of original DocMan 1.4 stable had - in our eyes, it has been almost perfect, except not being compatible with Joomla 1.5. This means in JoomDOC you will find:

Unlimited Category Tree

The documents can be organized across custom categories and subcategories

Custom User Groups

Documents may be owned by a specific user, groups of registered users, all registered users or simply anyone

Store Files Remotely or Locally

Files can be hosted locally or linked from a remote server

Download Counter and Logs

For each document a download counter can be displayed. Also all downloads can be logged (by user, IP, browser, date and hour).

Anti-leech System and Path Protection

The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents and also never displays the real file path from Internet users. Your files are this well protected.

License Agreement

Before the downloads, the licensing conditions may be display and you can make the users to agree with them before being able to downlod the files.

Still, there are some new features also!

JoomDOC (DocMAN 2) Improvements

Integrated Joomla Document Search

You can either use component own built-in search system or a search plugin that integrates with Joomla 1.5. The search plugin will enable standard Joomla search to look also in your JoomDOC documents. Also, extended version of search plugin with JoomFish support is available.

Joomla Plugin for Easy WYSIWYG Editor Integration

A special plugin for easy integration with WYSIWYG editors has been added. This allows easy additions of links to JoomDOC documents by a few clicks. No need to search for IDs and create the links manually. Simply click the editor button and choose the document you want to link to.

SEO Improvement - Nicer URLs

We have completely redone the SEO part - there is a new extension available for JoomSEF that generates nice SEF URLs for JoomDOC. It is also free. It introduces multi-level hierarchy of categories and fixes. We still plan to enhance this and mainly introduce new meta-data related features.

Easy Migration from Original DocMAN

There is a migrator script available so you can simply migrate all content from your original DocMAN. No manual rewriting needed. Just install, click and all your data will we converted.

JoomFish and 3rd Party Components Integration

XML content definiton files for JoomFish are available, so you can translate all of JoomDOC documents to different languages.

JoomDOC does also well integrate with other popular Joomla components, such as JoomSEF, XMAP, JCE, etc.

... and even more improvements are coming soon...


In future, we however plan to keep on development, the first steps will be:

  • even closer integration with Joomla 1.5 API (full usage of MVC model)
  • implementing features requested by users (waiting for those)

We have no intention to make JoomDOC - all-in-one component. We want to keep it what original DocMan was. A simple but very-well functional document manager and download organizer for Joomla.

Licensing and Downloads

Same as original DocMan, this component is provided under GNU GPL license.

You can get it in our free downloads section.

If you wish to support further development of this extension, you can use PayPal donations.

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