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JoomDOC Add-ons

JoomSEF add-ons and extensions for 3rd party products, such as JoomSEF, Xmap, JoomFish, etc.


JoomDOC Xmap Extension

Hits: 10506

ARTIO JoomDOC extension for Xmap component. This will enable Xmap to generate sitemaps based on JoomDOC category and document structure. Install this extension via Xmap installation interface.

Compatibility: JoomDOC2


JoomDOC Content Elements definitions for JoomFish

Hits: 9799

These are JoomDOC content elements definition XML files for JoomFish, to enable integration of JoomDOC and JoomFish. After installing these, you will be able to easily translate all JoomDOC content using JoomFish multilinguality component similarily to other site content.

Instructions: Download the archive, unpack and copy the files to /administrator/components/com_joomfish/contentelements folder of your site.

Compatibility: JoomDOC2


JoomDOC Extension for JoomSEF

Hits: 10355

ARTIO JoomSEF 3.x extension for JoomDOC document management component.

This will create SEF URLs for your JoomDOC installation to improve your site SEO ranking.


  • translating categories, document names and actions (JoomFish support)
  • use of single category (last) or category tree (as path) in URLs

Instructions: Install this extension via JoomSEF extension installation interface.

Compatibility: JoomDOC2



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