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VirtueMart Online EU VAT ID Check

VirtueMart Online EU VAT ID Check

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Product Description

This piece of code will enhance the standard VirtueMart EU VAT handing functionality by online check of the entered VAT ID towards the database of European Commission - Taxation and Customs Union registry.

The communication between your site and EC VAT ID registry based on Web Services. If the connection to EC server fails, the validity is checked by confirming EU VAT ID format. If the VAT ID is determined to be valid, no VAT is charged to the shopper. In other cases, to shoppers within EU, the sellers country VAT will be changed.

Updated to work with latest EU online VAT ID registry code (revised in November 2010), updated to be compatible with VirtueMart 1.1.6, 1.1.5, 1.1.4 and older.

Adjustmens to the functionality can be made on request within the paid support services we also offer.

Installing and Configuring

The software is installed as a standard Joomla CMS! component. It has installer, that will replace the needed file on install, and revert to original state on uninstall.

Requested VirtueMart settings:

  • tax mode has to be "European Union mode"
  • EU VAT ID custom user field has to be published


VM Online VAT ID Check is a commercial Joomla! component licensed under GNU GPLlicense.

Product Parameters

The usage of this product is binded to a single VirtueMart installation. Please, in the field bellow, ether the site URL, where you will use this software.


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