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After upgrade, ARTIO link appears, although I have paid version

Last revised:
Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009


This situation can occur, if free version installation package was used to upgrade instead of paid version package or an error occured during online upgrade process. Starting with JoomSEF version 3.4.0, it can also happen, if you made online upgrade without having entered your Download ID in JoomSEF Configuration / Registration tab or if time period for free paid version updates has expired.

To resolve this situation, please, download the latest paid version installation package (see Getting Paid Version Installation Files) to your local computer and do upgrade from the package. If you already has latest version, then reinstall process (instead of upgrade) is launched (all files except configuration will be replaced). If you did not have the latest package installed, then this step updated your JoomSEF to latest, so launch the upgrade once again (with the same package) to launch the reinstall process. After doing so, the link should not appear anymore.

To prevent this situation to occur in future. Make sure you have the Download ID entered (see Registering JoomSEF and Paid Extensions).

Entering Download ID for JoomSEF

Entering JoomSEF Download ID

Entering Download ID for JoomSEF Extensions

Register Extension - step 1Register Extension - step 2


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