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VirtueMart Pagination Problems

Last revised:
Samstag, 03. April 2010


Problem Symptoms

Pagination in VirtueMart (category browse page) does not work in some VirtueMart versions. When clicking on the page link or next / last link, an 404 error message or other unexpected behaviour is experienced.

How to check

Check what is the link URL. (most eaily this is done by hoovering mouse cursor over the link and checking the browsers status bar, where the link target should be shown.

If you see someting like:, then an error is present. The problem is in the fact, the first character after the SEF part of the URL should be question mart "?", not an ampersand "&". This is caused by error in VirtueMart SEO code, that causes the single link to be SEF encoded first and then a variable suffix is hardcoded to it with incorrect joint character.

Fixing the problem

The problem can be fixed by correcting the VirtueMart code. Locate the file shop.browse.php which is located in /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html folder of your Joomla site.

In this file, commend the code at line 210, which should be:

Comment may be done by adding // (two slashes) in the beggining of the line. This will prevent the double SEO processing of a single URL and prevent generation of the incorrect link.


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