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M-Turbo Editions: Free vs. Paid

We have prepared two editions of M-Turbo speed-up extension. Full version ensure full site caching including product and CMS pages. Free version is available mainly for trial purposes, but is also usable at smaller e-commerce sites. Free edition also includes author backlink, which full version does not.

See list of the differences in the table that follows:

Free Edition Full Edition
Homepage caching YES YES
Category caching YES YES
Multi store-view support YES YES
Caching dynamic blocks
(cart, pool)
Simple uninstallator YES YES
Check cached page directly
from admin panel
Caching CMS pages NO YES
Product page caching NO YES
Automatic cron refresh NO YES
Total website supported 1 no limit
Support standard priority support
Author backlink visible not generated

M-Turbo - Magento Speed-up Extension

M-Turbo exists in two editions. Please, select free version or paid version, which offers full website caching solution. We are ready to offer you support services, in case any unexpected problem occurs.

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