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MTurbo just released

 Ostrava, 3.10.2011 - MTurbo 1.2.2 is available now. MTurbo is a Magento extension for  caching pages, which improves website speeds. New version adds several new features and fixes some minor known bugs.

What is new in MTurbo 1.2.2:

  • New - Supports of Magento 1.6  
  • New - inactive content is not cached now
  • New - refresh product page after product purchase  
  • New - Refresh configurable, bundle or grouped product page if child product has been changed
  • Improved - Added Spanish language pack
  • Fix - Correct use DS constant
  • Fix - Remove CONFIG_PATH_TO_MTURBO_DOWNLOAD from Helper/Data.php
  • Fix - Check if mturbo.js is loaded

More information about MTurbo

Find out more about MTurbo on it's product page
Buy MTurbo   or try free MTurbo download

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