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OB Bridge supports product variants now!

We have proudly published new version of OB Bridge, online Openbravo - Magento connector, which supports now Openbravo variants. Full sychronization/integration of variants products from ERP to eshop as configurable product is availble now.

OB Bridge: online sychronization between Openbravo and Magento

OB Bridge is connector for realtime integration of Openbravo ERP and e-commerce platform Magento. Just released version supports new feature of the products variants, which are now available in Openbravo. Variant product from Openbravo is fully synchronized to Magento and mapped as configurable product.

Main features of OB Bridge

  • Connector provides synchronizatoin new orders from Magento to Openbravo
  • Products are managable just in Openbravo and online sync. to Magento, including products variants and images
  • OB Bridge supports synchronization incomming payments, for example from PayPal, and assigment payment with sales order
  • Openbravo with installed OB Bridge is primary system, which enables manage Magento eshop remotly. 

 Write us an emial to schedule OB Bridge online presentation. 

Write us an email to schedule OB Bridge online presentation. We show you how simple is to manage orders/payments from Magento and publish new products into eshop.OB Bridge supports latets version of Magento and Openbavo as well. Technical support and help is available or we are able to make professional installation for you.

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