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VM Invoice 1.7.0 Released

Ostrava, 21.10.2011 - VM Invoice 1.7.0 is now available. This new version of PDF invoce generator for Joomla adds WYSIWYG invoice template editor, batch processing for VirtueMart orders and invoices, background image support and some other fixes and improvements requested by users.

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VirtueMart Invoice 1.7.0

new - invoice and delivery note template editing
new - orders and invoices batch processing
new - invoice prefix editing. Prefixes are saved separately for every invoice;
by default, "Numbering prefix" configuration is used for new invoices
new - invoice date editing; by default, date from "Invoice date" configuration is used for new invoices
new - config option for standard or american address format
new - config option to add background image
imp - allow selecting more desired order statuses to send/generate invoice than one
imp - editing delivery note email subject and body separately
imp - config options for default vendor and currency
imp - button to apply order status to all items
imp - improved pre-caching: subdirectories in Joomla! tmp folder by order month
imp - show only payments enabled in VM
fix - sometimes inappropriate admin language fix
fix - adding same product more times

VirtueMart Invoice 1.6.1

new - option to show shipping details
imp - improved and better structured order editing GUI
fix - tax rates displayed properly

VirtueMart Invoice 1.6.0

new - option to show customer number
new - option to show shopper group
new - possibility to add "own product" into order
imp - order address editing improvement (possibility to add new customer, all shipping addresses are provided at customer search, possibility to also change customer default address data)
fix - payment method is saved in new order
fix - adding new products sometimes deleted addresses

Check full VM Invoice changelog

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