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Thanks for the help Peterg. did as you said and added google_calendar_id VARCHAR 254 default: NULL as a new line to the booking_reservation_period table and all was working great.

Thanks so much for the clarification, and the solution to the issue.
Google Calender Sync ...
Category: Community Support
After getting the google calender set up and Loading the Calenders I am receiving the below error when I try and Sync Events. This error seems to occur even with other calenders.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

1054 - An error has occurred.

Unknown column 'p.google_calendar_id' in 'field list' SQL=SELECT COALESCE(, AS id, i.rtype, i.subject_title, COALESCE(p.from,i.from) AS `from`, COALESCE(, AS `to`, COALESCE(p.google_calendar_id,i.google_calendar_id) AS google_calendar_id, r.title_before, r.firstname, r.middlename, r.surname, r.title_after,, r.street,,,,, r.telephone, r.state, r.modified AS rmodified, AS gid, g.modified AS gmodified, s.google_calendar FROM rzlj8_booking_reservation_items AS i JOIN rzlj8_booking_reservation AS r ON = i.reservation_id LEFT JOIN rzlj8_booking_subject AS s ON i.subject = LEFT JOIN rzlj8_booking_google_calendar AS g ON = s.google_calendar LEFT JOIN rzlj8_booking_reservation_period AS p ON p.reservation_item_id = HAVING (google_calendar_id = '' AND state = 1) OR (google_calendar_id <> '' AND gid IS NOT NULL AND rmodified > gmodified)

Google Calender Sync ...
Category: Community Support
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