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My client is using JoomDOC to manage their file system and they are loving it. One thing they asked me was if they could show thumbnail / preview images for .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, etc. files. Right now, the users have to download the image file before they can actually see what it is.

So, basically the following functionality:

  • Option to create thumbnail on image upload / remove on deltion
  • Option to display thumbnails in document / documents view.
Image preview in doc ...
Category: Feature Requests
This seems like a simple fix that must have fallen through the cracks. (It appears to have been previously solved: But I can't seem to be able to change the "root' folder name in the JoomDoc explorer. I've tried in the component Options, I've tried updating the language files.

I am using:
  • JoomDoc Version 3.4.4 Pro
  • Joomla 2.5.9

Investigating Further:
It looks like the text "JoomDoc" is actually hard coded to be JoomDoc. In [site root]/administrator/components/com_joomdoc/libraries/html/joomdoc.php on line 122

{text: '" . ($parent ? $parent : 'JoomDOC') . "', open: true, data: {url: '" . JRoute::_(JoomDOCRoute::viewDocuments($mainframe->isSite() ? $parent : 'JoomDOC'), false) . "', target: 'folderframe'}}

Here's what the surrounding code looks like.
// start MooTree after completely loading page
$js = "
window.addEvent('domready', function() {
var tree = new MooTreeControl(
{div: 'MooTree', mode: 'folders', grid: true, theme: '"
. htmlspecialchars(JURI::root(true), ENT_QUOTES) . "/media/system/images/mootree.gif', onClick:
function(node) { // event after click on folder
window.location =;
{text: '"
. ($parent ? $parent : 'JoomDOC') . "', open: true, data: {url: '" . JRoute::_(JoomDOCRoute::viewDocuments($mainframe->isSite() ? $parent : 'JoomDOC'), false) . "', target: 'folderframe'}}
tree.adopt('MooTreeSrc'); // load source in ul structure
tree.selected = tree.get('node_"
. htmlspecialchars(str_replace(DS, '-', $path), ENT_QUOTES) . "');
if ($path)
$js .= "
. htmlspecialchars(str_replace(DS, '-', $path), ENT_QUOTES) . "').selected = true;

If I change the two instances of "JoomDOC" to "Documents" (or whatever I want) the change will be displayed. Please update the code to use the JOOMDOC_ROOT value or create a new language string that can control this. I hate to have to hack the code every time there is an update.
Doc Explorer "root" ...
Category: Customer Support
I did some poking around, and it looks like the problem is related to

administrator\components\com_joomdoc\libraries\joomdoc\html\joomdoc.php line 122

The original code reads:
{text: 'JoomDOC', open: true, data: {url: '" . JRoute::_(JoomDOCRoute::viewDocuments($mainframe->isSite() ? $parent : 'JoomDOC')) . "', target: 'folderframe'}}

I removed the call to JRoute and things seem to be working as expected, both in the front end of the site, and in the admin interface. The new code looks like:
{text: 'JoomDOC', open: true, data: {url: '" . JoomDOCRoute::viewDocuments($mainframe->isSite() ? $parent : 'JoomDOC') . "', target: 'folderframe'}}
JoomDoc Explorer roo ...
Category: Customer Support
I'm seeing a bug with the JoomDoc explorer. When I click on the root folder, it redirects me to the correct URL, but the URL parameters are not fully decoded.

  • Unencoded link: index.php?option=com_joomdoc&view=documents&Itemid=223
  • Working link (i.e. if I remove teh "amp;" from the URL): index.php?option=com_joomdoc&view=documents&Itemid=223

The effect is that my folders do not display and all of my assigned modules disappear when I click on the root folder.
JoomDoc Explorer roo ...
Category: Customer Support
I'd like to be able to allow users to upload their files to particular directories from the front-end of JoomDoc, including zip files. However, I don't want to allow users to unpack their zip files in my folders (things could get messy pretty fast).

Why not separate the "Upload file" permission setting into two settings: "Upload File" and "Allow Unpacking Zip"?
Add permission setti ...
Category: Feature Requests
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