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tickets are not normally just numbered 1 to whatever.
They are in rows, often by the alphabet, eg.

B20 is seat 20 in row B.

So the normal grid view doesn't work for such situations.

I assume then, that I need the flash option.

How do I make a flash version for my particular seating arrangement?
Is there a paid service for this?

I have attached the seating chart from the theatre:
[attachment:1]C:\fakepath\Screen shot 2011-06-08 at 9.57.50 AM.png[/attachment]

thank you
Ticket numbering
Category: Customer Support
I have a problem with the tax settings:

1. Basic ticket price: pre tax used in the setting (please add gross price and auto calculate net price, like in VM)
2. Attributes: use ex-tax prices. I had to tweak it slightly to get right. Again, it would be better to have the gross prices.
3. Object settings: here I seem to have to use tax inclusive prices. No matter what I try, the final price in the seat allocation window has prices with 4 numbers after the full stop eg 29.998 AUD

it is a large theatre with 2000 seats. The pop-up window has scroll bars and it took be a while to find the save button.
This represents a major userbility problem. How to fix this?

on going to cart, I get this error:
Illegal variable _files or _env or _get or _post or _cookie or _server or _session or globals passed to script.
What does it mean?

test site as subdomain

Here are my attribute settings:
Base price is $20, then there are the concessions for children, youth and concession plus the object settings areas A, B and C. Tickets is area C are the base price of $20.
Are these settings correct?

thank you
Tax settings
Category: Customer Support
I encountered two problems under product descriptions:

1. Short description does not seem to show
2. Long description: had to toggle the editor to enter text.

Anyone else found this?
Short and long descr ...
Category: e-Tickets
I am working my way through the manual and I may have some suggestions later on when I understand it better.
Think about the layout like this:

1. Install VM
2. Install e-ticket
3. Create a new category in VM eg. Tickets
4. Select e-ticket category browse page and product fly page for this category in VM
4. Create an organisation in e-ticket
5. Create a new product in e-ticket (not in VM)

Category: Customer Support
I have three price attributes: Full price, concession, child
A typical scenario may be that a user wants to purchase two adult tickets at full price and two children's tickets.
They obviously want to sit together, so the user selects four seats in a row.
What then?
The user can only purchase all four tickets at full price or at the child price but not a mixture.

Another scenario, a couple wants to purchase two tickets, one at full price, the other at concession.

I understand that the user can first buy the full price, note down the seat number and then go back and purchase another ticket at concession, however:

1. This is not user friendly
2. The seat may be gone buy the time the user goes back to select it.

Seems like a major flaw to me, or is there a way to fix this?

How to book mixed ti ...
Category: Customer Support
I am sorry, but that documentation is non-sensical. I understand that English is not your first language, but it is very difficult to understand. In addition, it is incomplete.

You will have to add some screen shots or explain, step by step, all the settings.

right now I am looking at Sections and Seats: There are some fields labelled: Remove, Code and Seats.
What does Remove mean in this case?
code: is that my code?
seats: ok, I think I understand this one: eg. seat 5-95

A simple screen shot with an example would be helpful. And you need to explain every field.

thank you
Category: Customer Support
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