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Hi all,

i would try to use the connection to google calendar but i'm not able to get it work.
What i did so far:

1. Register at
2. turn on access to calendar api
3. create a new project
4. in Joomla: Fill out google client_id and secret.

When i try to load the google calendars to Joomla, i got the error "redirect_uri_mismatch".

For sure, i can add the REDIRECT URI to my google project, but the parameters are not stored. Instead of


i can only store


It seems, google is checking the whole String. When i remove the task parameter in the google URL, i'm able to get access to my calendar.

Is there any solution to fix that issue?

I'm using Book IT 2 - Version 2.2.2.
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Hi maju,

i installed the latest version 2.2.2. and i'm able now to add tax rates.

Great work

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Hi Support,

any news for that issue? I'm facing the same problem. I cannot add taxes in global settings. When i click on the new-button i will be redirect to the global joomla configuration page. I'm running BookIt 2 2.2.1 on Joomal 3.1.5.

Is there any workaound to add taxes in the database?

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