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Hi, and thanks for the answer.
I'll just have to then either instruct users to make sure reservation is continuous or limit the reservation like you suggested.
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Category: Pre-sale Questions

By continuous booking time I mean a situation like shown in the first picture (artio3.jpg) where I've been able to create reservation on total one hour but it consist of two separate time slots: 10:30 - 11:00 and 11:30 - 12:00.
So although that's a mistake from end user side, I'd still like to be able to prevent such selection.
With the fixed limit other topics seemed to get covered but that continuous issue is still there.
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Category: Pre-sale Questions
Is it possible to create hourly bookable item, which
- has starting time on 30 minute interval,
- can be booked only for one or two hours at a time,
- has continuous booking time,
- has separate prices for one hour and two hours?

Trying the free version, I've so far I've managed to create almost correctly working booking, but either it allows non-continuous booking or the booking time isn't shown on 30 minute intervals.

And price seems to be calculated based on minimum interval and not on defined time unit. Any way to get calculation work on actual time unit?
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Category: Pre-sale Questions
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