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I'm not sure what has happened, but now my blog is working just fine. I can't explain why. I did create a subdomain but I am not pointing the blog to it and it doesn't work anyway.
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Category: JoomSEF 3
I'm revisiting a old issue I don't know if it has been resolved. I'm using a Wordpress blog in a /blog directory. I have created a link to it in the mainmenu and it comes up fine, but trying to access any of the pages of the blog triggers a 404 page to come up. Is there a way in Artio SEF to tell it to exclude the /blog directory and just let the Wordpress code handle all of the SEO rewrites and permalinks etc. My blog is basically broken except for the Main page. I just recently upgraded to Joomla 1.5.8 and Artio SEF. I saw this issue brought up in a post 5 months ago but did not find a resolution in the thread.

Many Thanks

excluding a specific ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
I have installed Artio SEF and now the links that I add for link popularity have a property something like this:

rather than...

This makes it difficult for people to verify that I am linking to them. Is there a way to tell/configure ARTIO SEF not to make the properties look this way?

The links function properly and go to the correct website but not in a way visible to people checking for the links.
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Category: JoomSEF 3
My experience with modules is that they way to eliminate some of the extra advertising is to get in amd modify the PHP code. Depending on the template you are using the place to modify it may be different. the two place I have seen are in the /templates/template name directory/index.php or the /includes/footer.php file.

I modify that PHP code to say what I want. Be sure to save a copy of the original.
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