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SEO optimization Ostrava

For several years, we offer website seo optimization service for the major search sites: Google, Yahoo, Microsfot Live. Nowadays, own website setup is not very difficult, which implies there exists hundreds of milions of webpages and one of the biggest task is to ensure your website visibility among other and attracting people interested in what you offer. This requires having the good positions, when your potential customers are searching in the Internet.

Website search engine optimization

Process of website optimalization to make it more SEO (search engine friendly) means adjustment on-site and off-site factor.

SEO should not be a one-time service, as to achieve its goals effectivelly and be able to measure them, it needs to be at least few months lasting process. At the start of this process, an analysys of the current status is to be made, followed with the main adjustments needed and afterwards monitoring the effects plus making adjustments and corrections-

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VM Invoice 3.1.17 right now!


New release of VirtueMart PDF Invoice generator - VM Invoice 3.1.17 is now available. This new version introduces fix reported by our users and new feature.

New JoomSEF 4.7.6 is here!


JoomSEF 4.7.6 is now available for download or upgrade. This release include some new improvement, improvement and also the known bug fix. Read more about the new features.

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