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I'm creating a new order manually (from the back) for a client, but I can only add 25 products.

When I add the 26th and I try to save, it doesn't show any error message but sends me back to the Joomla default start screen (control panel) and of course the order doesn't save.

I have tried adding any kind of product, but nothing. Only when I delete one product (and I have less than 25) I can add another. So it looks like if there is a limit on 25. Does it have any sense for you?

(If I edit the order with the Virtuemart usual menu, I don't have this problem, I can add more products, and they are shown then on the ORDER when I use again the Artio VM Invoice -but I still cannot add any product-).

Any idea?
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Category: Feature Requests
Good morning,

I have Joomla 3.5.1, VM 3.0.14 and JoomSEF 3.6.6 updated and with license.

However, when I have a look at the JoomSEF log, I see this error -many times-:

"Manufacturer with ID manufacturer not found."

But I have all these setting for MANUFACTUER on the Virtuemart Pluging as NO:

Manufacturer settings
Add manufacturer to product URL No
Add manufacturer ID to product URL No
Store manufacturer_id in URLs to products No
Add manufacturer to category URL No
Add manufacturer ID to category URL No

Ah, and I don't have any manufacturer created on VIRTUEMART.

Why is this? What should I do to correct this?

Thank you very much,
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Category: JoomSEF 4

I am getting this advice when trying to Ping Google after Sitemap generated:
"Error: Could not ping Google".
And on the sitemap Ping Services configuration I have (I never touch these values):

So I have decided to manually upload my sitemap on Google Analytics. But... how can I download it from Artio JOMSef?
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