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ARTIO Online e-Shop Terms of Service

Providence, 12.07.2013

I. Operator

The online store service is operated by:

ARTIO International Co.
Global Gateway 2414
Rue De La Perle
Providence, Mahe

IBC No.: 077178

II. Licence and Intellectual Property

Please note the license conditions for the software you download from our e-store. This may differ for different products. Information about license type is always available at the product page.

Some of the software is distributed under GNU/GPL (or other free) license. Other software may have proprietary license. In such case, the license is available at the product page.

With some products, you may be requested to enter site URL for registration and support purposes.

III. Registration Changes

If a specific products is binded to a domain and path or IP, it is possible to register a 1 production (Site URL) and one testing (Testing URL) or multiple IPs. Change of the license binding to a domain/IP may be approved in some cases, however operator has right to refuse the change without giving any reasoning. When change is approved, administration fee of 2.90 EUR may be charged.

IV. Limitation of Liability

ARTIO International Co. under any circumstances, cannot be held liable for any errors, disruption of service or loses of data caused by the software provided unless a special written agreement has been signed between ARTIO International Co. and the customer.

Customer is buying the software AS IS. Incompatibility with other software, specific software or hardware configuration or partial mis-functionality does NOT entitle right for order cancellation or refundation.

V. Order Cancellation

The order can be canceled at no cost before your payment has been cleared to our account. For downloadable products, we do not issue ANY refunds after download channel has been enabled and a download was made.

Cancellation of an order after a payment is received, may be possible in special cases on agreement. In case of service orders, this assumes that ordered service (support, installation or similar) was not used and the reserved time can be reallocated to another client. In case of downloadble products only in case when no download attempt was made. A cancellation fee of 2.90 EUR is charged in such cases.

VI. Prices and Taxes

The prices shown at the time of the order are final. On most sales, VAT does not apply. The VAT may be added automatically in special cases where it applies.

VII. Support

Unless you have purchased a support service or unless explicitly stated within specific product sale conditions, there is no guaranteed support service included in the price of the down-loadable products. You are buying the product AS IS. Guaranteed support service is provided separately. Non-receiving a product support in such cases cannot be taken as a reason for order cancellation.

VIII. Notices

Any official notices to ARTIO International Co. are to be sent via e-mail. The email address is

If you wish to contact us by phone, you can call +44 870 392 6052 (office hours 8-16, GMT +0). Additionally you can use the contact form at our page.

IX. Downloads and Update Policy

The downloads of the purchased software is available for a specified period of time (1 year) and a number of download attempts (100). The downloads section always provides the most up-to-date version of the product. The Operator does not guarantee availability of older versions.

After the download/update period expires, the download account will be disabled automatically. Operator will NOT email or provide the source files via other channels after the expiration.

Customers may prolong the download/update period periodically for another year for a defined fee. Customer will be notified about the expiration via email 2 weeks & 3 days before the expiration date. If customer fails to prolong his download/update period before the expiration date, he is not eligible for the discounted prolongation.

X. Final Provisions

These conditions are valid from 01.12.2006. Last updated on 12.07.2013.

The operator keeps right to change these conditions without prior notice.

Accepted Payments

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