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How to use credit notes?

Last revised:
Friday, 09 May 2014


Creation of credit notes is simple:

  1. Find order you want to issue credit note for and click on small green circle arrow in row called "Create credit note"
  2. You will be taken to basically similar dialog as when creating new order. (because - it is really saved as new order). Only difference is that you cannot select payment and shipping method (because not needed for CN), but you can enter them as text.
  3. Default status for CN and items is "refunded" (or similar), so stock of products will not be deducted but status really does not matter, its just for your information (like to mark what CN was already paid and what not)
  4. Credit note is pre-filled with products from order, only with negative prices. If you want to credit only one product, delete all others and click on "recompute"
  5. Save credit note
  6. From that time, you can access all Credit Notes in top menu and also will be available "Credit Note configuration". Configuration of credit notes is basically the same as for delivey note or invoice (and by default it inherites everything from them - but you can override). Only difference is "Display prices as positive" setting (it will just flip prices for display) and of course template and e-mail settings.
  7. Credit notes are sent to user only manually
  8. One order can have more credit notes. You will see attached credit notes when you are in order list in "Credit note" column. When you click on it, you will be taken to list of credit notes for this order (usually of course not needed more than 1).
  9. Credit notes are saved with negative prices, so when yo do some revenue report in VM, the numbers will add up.
  10. Credit note is always related to invoice. It is displayed also on CN template as {orig_invoice_no_cpt}: {orig_invoice_no} tags.
  11. Credit notes have their own numbering sequence (if not using numbering by order ID or number number of course), but defaultly have different prefix "CN11-"


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