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Joomla! Implementations

ARTIO is an implementator of the Joomla! content management system (CMS). This article presents Joomla! based implementations for our customers and demonstrates possibilties of this great open source project.

HimosHoliday screenshot

The new site covers all services offered by Himosholidays: accomodation services, restaurant services, entertainment services and all news about current happenings and special offers. This site has altogether over 220 pages!

Himosholidays is one of the biggest companies offering free time and holiday services in Finland.

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Portal contaiting information about online betting services with tips, current betting rates, sport statistics and much more. Main components of this portal contain magazine section, statistics and livescores section, sport tv-program, forum and chat. It also includes several customized modules and mambots.

This site further contains data exchange services implemented using XML-RPC server/client technology, as well as XML based push and pull services.

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E.S.O. projectRelatively simple implementation of the Joomla! CRM. This project serves as news magazine and events gallery for the E.S.O. project. It also includes simple registration for, partners lists and other features.

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