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> Magento Caching and Acceleration

Slow Magento Speed-up Checklist

In addition to using M-Turbo Magento Accelerator component, we offer you a few hints on how to optimize and generally improve your overal Magento site performance.

How to optimize Magento speed and improve performance?

Based on our experience, these are some tips to ensure faster Magento e-store response times:

  • use hosting where APC or other code caching module is installed
  • make sure to allocate enough memory for MySQL (my.cnf)
  • map /var directory to shared memory, do not use file-based storage
  • provide JS and CSS files compressed
  • use gzip compression for all text-based files
  • fine-tune Web server configuration (httpd.conf)
  • separate the static content (images, styles, scripts) on a separate Web server

Slow Magento due to unsuitable Magento hosting

Some of the common problems can be resolved by placing Magento sites on suitable hosting. Lot of mass hosting services, priced about 12 Euro per month, are unable to provide enough system resources for Magento.

Critical parameters to follow when choosing your Magento hosting:

  • installed APC module
  • enough memory for MySQL, PHP and web server
  • quick access to the disc (RAID10)
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