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VM Invoice 2.0.33 Release

New release of VirtueMart PDF Invoice generator - VM Invoice is now available. Version 2.0.33  introduces new function as well as other improvements and fixes. Read more...

VM Invoice 2.0.33 Changelog

--- 2.0.33 --- [31.3.2014]
imp - croatian invoice translation
imp - setting for override language of e-mail to vendor
fix - fixed table #__vminvoice_templates create fail on some storage engines
fix - dates on invoice displayed in user timezone, config option for document timezone
fix - VM2: fixed recomputing prices if order is in different than vendor's currency
fix - fixed {*-words} tags when using "Display in payment currency"
fix - supressed warning if order user does not exist
fix - minor fixes

VM Invoice 2.0.32 Changelog

--- 2.0.32 --- [26.3.2014]
new - credit notes support. they are saved as VM orders with negative prices.
imp - added {boxes_rounded} and {packages_rounded} tags
imp - templates moved to separate table (technical update)
imp - configuration re-arranged, supports inheritance, updated tooltips
imp - added options and tags to display further payment and shipping info (e.g. CC info)
fix - fixed "Tax Summary use rounded values" with different rounding then mathematical
fix - rounding of Swiss Franc to nearest 0.05 (in VM2 only if enabled in VM Pricing settings)
fix - fixed display of payments and shipments if translation is missing
fix - fixed creating user table indexes in VM1 and ajax user search with J1.5
fix - speed optimalization, many fixes and improvements

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