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I use joomla 2.5
virtuemart 20.20b
latest joomsef

As joomsef is not possible to follow menu structure from what i read but follows categories,
And i have my whole menu structure + my languages in my categories, i couldnt get it setup correct.

Now i want to use only the virtuemart url's

So i changed the content -> common -> handling to : Default Joomla Router

But it places the lang= at the end of the url.
Is it possible to remove it ?

see : and then for example the menu : helpdesk
Joomsef - handler
Category: Priority Support
Hello ,

I have a problem with my virtuemart sef component.

All my links getting redirected to the homepage.

Also the shop menu which is the virtuemart home page , gets redirected to the home page.

My virtuemart is located at the menu :


The important thing is that i dont want the "shop" in my url.

What was the issue with normal joomla sef

Now with joomsef virtuemart, the links that are displaying are like i want when i hover the links from my shop, only i am getting redirected to the home page.

To see my link structure you can check

At the moment joomsef disabled ofc. else customers can not order

problem virtuemart l ...
Category: Priority Support
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