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On my local host i tried to reinstall joomSEF and then disable everything and it causes an unable to connect to MYSQL error.

So when i Uninstall it and restart xampp (mind you it's still using the database off the hosting site) it loads fine but still leaves a plugin that i mentioned above. (When it's instaleld it shows 2 plugins with all details visable).
Install Error: HELP! ...
Category: JoomSEF
I installed JoomSEF and it appeared to install fine.

in the back end i clicked on JoomSEF Configuration and the second i enabled it and saved i got a 500 internal server error on the front and back end.

Now I have a copy of the website running localy but dont have the database. So the config.php is still pointing at the hosting sites database.

it takes about 5 second for anything to load on my local host and its slow. I check the components and JoomSEF is gone. however under plugins the Artio JoomSEF still shows but all the detail fields are blanked out.

when I try and uninstall it I get an error stating "Plugin Uninstall: Manifest File Invalid or not found" Uninstall Plugin Error

Now my webmaster is pretty much MIA all the time and super slow so im forced to try and figure this out.

I was told that I can remove the plugin from the database but obviously he has acess to the hosting.

It isnt the .htaccess file as it is still names htaccess.txt in the directory and it isnt functional.

Im trying to solve why my website wont load!
Install Error: HELP! ...
Category: JoomSEF
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