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prepare all of them but I'll share a few some of them what they are okay guys so this is the next meal that I have as part of my day which is right here in this Tupperware container I'm going to show to you guys all right so this right here is chicken breast with brown rice and vegetables so I actually have a personal chef that prepares this for me every week prepares a lot of my meals which by the way if you ketoviante
have the resources to invest in a personal chef definitely worth doing I basically tell them what I want in it this is a hundred grams of organic free-range chicken breasts okay everything that I have is organic again you want to invest more take care of your health 100 grams of chicken breast which is about 27 to 30 grams of protein hardly any fat half a cup of brown rice okay brown rice is another great source of complex carbohydrates they'll have four of the day and green vegetables this is asparagus broccoli and spinach and there's a little bit of lemon here as well so I make sure to have a lot of vegetables throughout my meals too vegetables are important just for digesting the foods there's so many health benefits to consuming green vegetables you know the enzymes and all the in all the good stuff is in the vegetables and everything so this is a great meal that I'll have to help my body recover throughout the day and give my body fuel in the right nutrition again Organic is the way to go complex carbohydrates if you are going to have carbohydrates make sure they're you
https://doznutrition ...
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