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by the way... is it possible to have title in description and keywords when im using k2?
two categories k2
Category: Pre-sale Questions
emo two categories k2
Category: Pre-sale Questions

after using sh404sef that was really bugy i decided to change seo component.
Im using k2, thats main extension of my website. Also kunena...
But when i use k2 and joomSEF it has some url's that i want to change..

for example..

i want to use:

but i can only have


the last one should be ok, but i suppose in my case its including joomlas menu name??? its the same as k2 category... how to remove one of them?

if this could be solved in some way, i would definitely order full version, because all of the rest functions satisfy my requirements..

Thank you...

p.s. you can check my site
i will leave settings with two subcategories for a while.
two categories k2
Category: Pre-sale Questions
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