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I use SEF on my site which have many new links per day, but this table jos_seflog have 2 000 000 logs in 30 days and I set memory_limit to 100mb my site to work, because this table is big.
Now I empty this table, decrease php memory_limit to 32mb and now my site again work, with less emmory limit.

How to set that my site don't create this logs?
I empty it, but after 15min. again I see new 100 logs created with some log about bad links.

Mhank you very much,
Empty jos_seflog or ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
Great, this help me too, into Artio components go to

Manage Extensions>Content>Common

and set to be

Ignore Itemids: 1

After that delete all created SEF links and that is all... ;)
Articles showing on ...
Category: JoomSEF

I have installed Joomal 1.0.13 and ARTIO JoomSEF v1.5.1 (other new versions dont work, I try it several times in my site).
When I go in component administration area of ARTIO JoomSEF and click to configure button I get this message at top:
ARTIO JoomSEF Configuration Unwriteable

How I to make that ARTIO JoomSEF Configuration be writable and that I can to change configuration of this component?

Now I when click on SAVE button in my window open button which ask me this:
Do you wish to purge automatically created urls?

And than, when I click to save, i get message that that action can to harm my computer and offer me to I open or save some file \"config[1].sef.php\" and when I click to save it nothing than happen!
Content of that file is this:

$alwaysUseLang = \"1\";
$enabled = \"0\";
$replacement = \"-\";
$pagerep = \"-\";
$stripthese = \",|~|!|@|%|^|*|(|)|+|<|>|:|;|{|}|[|]|---|--|..\";
$suffix = \".html\";
$addFile = \"index.php\";
$friendlytrim = \"-|.\";
$pagetext = \"%s\";
$langPlacement = \"0\";
$lowerCase = \"1\";
$showSection = \"0\";
$showCat = \"1\";
$useAlias = \"0\";
$excludeSource = \"0\";
$reappendSource = \"0\";
$appendNonSef = \"1\";
$transitSlash = \"1\";
$translateNames = \"1\";
$page404 = \"0\";
$record404 = \"0\";
$replacements = \"пїЅ?|A, Г‚|A, Д‚|A, Г„|A, Д†|C, Г‡|C, ДЊ|C, ДЋ|D, пїЅ?|D, Г‰|E, пїЅ?|E, Г‹|E, Дљ|E, ГЌ|I, ГЋ|I, Д№|L, пїЅ?|N, Е‡|N, Г“|O, Г”|O, пїЅ?|O, Г–|O, Е”|R, пїЅ?|R, Е |S, Ељ|O, Е¤|T, Е®|U, Гљ|U, Е°|U, Гњ|U, Гќ|Y, ЕЅ|Z, Е№|Z, ГЎ|a, Гў|a, пїЅ?|a, Г¤|a, Д‡|c, Г§|c, ДЌ|c, ДЏ|d, Д‘|d, Г©|e, Д™|e, Г«|e, Д›|e, Г­|i, Г®|i, Дє|l, Е„|n, пїЅ?|n, Гі|o, Гґ|o, Е‘|o, Г¶|o, ЕЎ|s, Е›|s, Е™|r, Е•|r, ЕҐ|t, ЕЇ|u, Гє|u, Е±|u, Гј|u, ГЅ|y, Еѕ|z, Еє|z, Л™|-, Гџ|ss, Д„|A, Вµ|u\";
$predefined = array(\"com_frontpage\",\"com_login\",\"com_newsfeeds\",\"com_sef\",\"com_weblinks\",\"com_joomfish\"«»);
$skip = array(\"com_poll\"«»);
$nocache = array();
$serverUpgradeURL = \"\";
$serverNewVersionURL = \"\";

Do anyone can to help me and to tell me what i to do to make this configuration option writable?

Thank you very much, Mladen
ARTIO JoomSEF Config ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
Again problem, sometimes work sometimes dont work! What is problem?
Problem with JoomSEO ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
I find problem - root / com_mambots / editADisable Frontpage: NO

Thank you.
Problem with JoomSEO ...
Category: JoomSEF 3

I install Artio JoomSEF and turn it on (and configure it). Than I isnatll JoomSEO - meta tag generator and now I have problem with it.

When user in user area or admin in admin area click in on some button (login, poll, add comment, logout, add new article etc...) in article, news etc.. pages missing JoomSEO meta tags (in title of site is only \"main name of site\" than \"-\" and than \"name of page\", in keywords and descriptions stay main k. and d.). And after several (3-4) clicks in links in site (on news, articles, static pages links) JoomSEO begin to work and distribute meta tags in title (title became \"main site title\" than \"|\" than \"name of page\" than \"-\" than \"keywords\"), keywords and description.

Do anyone know how I to solve this my big problem?

Thank you very much,

Problem with JoomSEO ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
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