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there is no other option??
can i make some changes in the component files in order to allow it (view option)?

is joomdoc3 includes "view" option without download the plugin?

tnx for your quick answer...!
view option doesn't ...
Category: Community Support
joomdoc 2...
appreciate your help!
view option doesn't ...
Category: Community Support

i am using this extention in my site, i was uploaded some pdf files to my site and i'm trying use the "view" option to open the pdf files directly into my browser(without download it).

when i'm click on "view" the file is download to my pc... so, the "download" and the "view" are doing the same thing...

how can i fix it, is it possible that i have to download the file to my computer in order to view it??

tnx all!! ravid.
view option doesn't ...
Category: Community Support
i am an hebrew user so all of my files name are non ascii characters.. the view of the files name in the frontpage is ok and also the tables in the database but the search option in the component dosn't work.

every time i'm trying to search a file with an hebrew name like שבוע the search resolts are null.

how can i fixed it so it will work?
thanks! ravid.
search option proble ...
Category: JoomDOC
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