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Lubi: Thank you for your answers.

very sad for the logged in users...

but what about the cache life time?
for exampe: I have refreshed my cache-pages today at 12:52 (M-Turbo-Administration>Url). immediately after this refreshing, my cached pages are loaded very fast.
But now, 2.5 Hours later, magento takes about 12 seconds to load the pages, then again about only a half second (again cached for about 1 or 2 hours?).

Could it be that only the normal magento cache is activated and not M-Turbo? (It seems so!). have i forgotten a command somewhere?

Answers 2 and 4: I upload Products via API, if i understand you right, the cache of a category will be refreshed mmediately when a customer selects the changed category and not with the next cron-job?


caching when user is ...
Category: M-Turbo
I've installed M-Turbo with Magento 1.5.1. Works well.

I have a few questions:

1. Do you plan to integrate caching when a user is logged in? if yes when?

2. Is it possible to mark all categories to cache (M-Turbo Management>Categories) automatically?

3. How long is the Cache life Time? seems to be 1 or 2 hours?. Is it possible to change it?

4. Is it possible to start caching programmaticaly (API / PHP)

I haven't tested cron-jobs yet and any other features, but before buying the full-version or support, i think it will be very important for me to have a caching too, when a user is logged in.


caching when user is ...
Category: M-Turbo
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