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jich wrote:
Dear sofadream,

The download id 9a1098c214f0d79afe16500b602ba4bd does not seem correct. Make sure that your download id is correct on tab "Registration", please.

If you did not see your name then enter correct download id and save configuration, please.

On Register Tab ist all OK with new Download ID...can i send you a PM with Login and the new Download ID?
ERROR 500 an Cache A ...
Category: M-Turbo
I have the new correkt Download ID save in Register....but same error
ERROR 500 an Cache A ...
Category: M-Turbo
i must BUY a new Download ID and now i have on Register all ok...but if i click Cache all Comes error 500 with

...URL...mturbo/adminhtml_mturbo/download/key/9a1098c214f0d79afe16500b602ba4bd/ ... this iss sure the old download ID 9a1098c214f0d79afe16500b602ba4bd
ERROR 500 an Cache A ...
Category: M-Turbo
I uninstalled m turbo and want it now instaliere again.
I get the following message but after instalation.

Mage registry key "_singleton / mturbo / observer" already exists

Before instalation I have the records from the tables and core_config_date core_resource.
The cache and the session I have already deleted.
Mage registry key... ...
Category: Customer Support
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