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Hello world,

A question from a happy customer :)
Should we be informed if a new release are created ?


Questions about upgr ...
Category: M-Turbo
Hey ! problem solved !
This was not compression but rather CDN
Seriously your extension is awesome !
Static caching is a must have for CPUless applications, Green computing, and... transformation rates ;)

I will recommand this extension on magento connect ;)

Thanks for this !
Working nice but...
Category: M-Turbo
Thanks for your answer,

I have not only extension for caching and compressins JS and CSS.
I will investigate on my side later from blank install. I'm very busy now.
I hope I can use it on my website, I have found M-Turbo so nice :) !

Working nice but...
Category: M-Turbo

I have installed M-turbo. M-turbo is OK with from magento sample data installation.

When I want to combine CSS and JS (Magento core feature) ->M-turbo is OK)

But when I compress CSS and JS -> M-turbo is NOK
I have tested 3 modules for compressing JS and CSS :
1 - Fooman Speedster which not run running with my version remove all css... :(
2 - User Interface Optimization - JS/CSS Compression & minifying, which really make magento slower when installed (conflict with a unknow extension, working fine and efficiently when stand alone)
3 - Minify Integration, when installed and enable Mturbo doesn't start...

Don't you want to create a CSS JS compatible extension ? Or check why it can't start M-turbo with Minify Integration :

Thanks for helping
Working nice but...
Category: M-Turbo
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