Menu Content is a new version of the used and demo cars sale thumb_vaihtoportal. It is a mutual project of 3 big car sale companies in Finland - O.K. Auto Oy, Hämeen Autovaruste Oy and Avain Vaunu Oy.

This project combines wide range of technologies to provide maximum comfort both for customers and car companies employees. It includes several hunders of cars. The content of this site is periodically automatically synchronized with the internal databases of the companies based on Lotus Notes. The connection is made via secured connection using SOAP protocol. It synchronizes all information about cars including images.

The application also offer tools for company workers, who are maintained in common LDAP directories. These tools include automatic search agents, internal news, export to PDF, HTML, to 3rd party servers, newspaper publication, etc.

Customers are given possibility to register and also crreate an automatic search agent, which will inform them about new cars matching their criteria being added to the database. Furter tools for customers include e.g. car comparison tables, send to friend links, easy printing, lease calculator, test drive booking system, etc.

Technologies involved include:

  1. Lotus Notes
  2. Web Services based on SOAP
  3. PHP, XHTML, XSL transformations
  4. Apache webserver
  5. PostgreSQL database

Further links: webpage
O.K. Auto Oy
Hämeen Autovaruste Oy
Avain Vaunu Oy
Artio Oy (Artio Finland)

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