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JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration
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TOPIC: JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration

JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration 15 years, 1 month ago #6665

Hi, I just bought plug in for Deep Pockets II (DP) and testing it using JoomSEF free version (2.3.2) - just upgraded to 2.3.3 (but still the same) to see how it goes before purchase paid version and experiencing unexpected result with it. SEF URLs generated by the program is not better (even worst) before DP plug in installed.Before DP plug in installed, the URL are show-cat-01.html (or something like that) for all DP links and after installed it use the first category name for all DP links. For example, I have several root categories (all with several levels of sub categories) and the first category name is example. All links generated by Artio are example-1.html, example-2.html, and so on.

Please advice on how to configure Artio with DP plug in properly.
I'm using Joomla 1.0.15 with Deep Pockets II.

Another component that having the same behavior for generated URLs was Glossary (2.50.5), any advice?


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Re:JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration 15 years, 1 month ago #6700

Wow, what a great support.... no feedback at all after few days (here or email) for paid extension?
Never mind, I just simply request refund from you and will notices all Joomla's developers or users worldwide about this great support from Artio.

Don't look down the price I've paid you, my point is you're not fair in doing business. If you felt your program deserve higher price, sell it in that price and give a support to your buyers. (Our mistake because didn't realize if it's weekend). We're apologize to Artio Team for the words.
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Re:JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration 15 years, 1 month ago #6714

  • jaku
What is your Deep Pockets II version?
Please, give here examples of original non-seo URL and SEO URL generated by JoomSEF for the URLs you have mentioned.
(also please make sure you have puged already existing URLs AFTER the extension has been installed and that you have cleared all caches, especially JoomSEF cache).

Please note, there is no guaranteed support time in these forums and we clearly say this. If you want support with guaranteed response time, you can of course buy it - A lot of clients do not require any additional support, as they have no problems (or they do not need it), so there is no reason to increase the price globally.
Furthermore, as I can see, your post is 3 days old, where 2 days of this have been weekend. Even our paid support is done only during business days. So, in fact, we are replying within 1 business day to you, is that not good enough???
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Re:JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration 15 years, 1 month ago #6723

Hi Jan, thank you for your reply. I'm sorry but I didn't realize if it's a weekend (and we're only off on Sunday), therefore I felt if it's very slow responds from your side (and we're under pressure to completing the website and stuck only because of it). To show a good intention, I've edited my post.

Deep Pocket II (latest version 2.0b2.1 ) non SEF URLS examples:
newpog01/component/option,,10/Itemid,119/ (root category)
newpog01/component/option,,17/Itemid,119/ (sub category 1)
newpog01/component/option,,18/Itemid,119/ (child category of sub category 1)

Glossary (2.50.5) non SEF URLS examples:
newpog01/component/option,com_glossary/Itemid,123/ (index page)
newpog01/component/option,com_glossary/t.../glossid,1/letter,B/ (listing for letter B)
newpog01/component/option,com_glossary/id,6/ (item description page)

Additional information:
1. I've configured .htaccess file regarding provided documentation as well
2. I've disabled cache and always purge URLs after made a change

SEF URLs generated by Artio (2.3.2) with Deep Pockets mambot installed:
Deep Pocket:
newpog01/basics-9.html (root category)
newpog01/basics-11.html (sub category 1)
newpog01/basics-13.html (child category of sub category 1)

newpog01/vocabulary.html (index page)
newpog01/vocabulary/list-2.html (listing page)
newpog01/vocabulary-9.html (item description)

Let me know if you need other information, the site still in our local development area and not uploaded yet.


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Re:JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration 15 years, 1 month ago #6725

  • jaku
Dear Acung,

I was checking this and at our demo site, the URLs for Deep Pockets II 2.0 the URLs are generated fine:
We have following test structure:
1 test category (test category)
2 . L subtest2 (subtest2)
3 . . L sstest (sstest)
4 . . . L level4 (level4)

and the generated URLs are:

so I think exactly as expected.
The Deep Pockets version is:

<author>Aequitas Internet</author>
<creationDate>April 2007</creationDate>
<copyright>Copyright (C) 2005-2007 - Aequitas Internet - All Rights Reserved</copyright>
<license> GNU/GPL</license>

so, if you say your version is "2.0b2.1" you may be using some beta, that is not compatible with the extension.
(or the extension is not installed correctly or you have not purged the URL after the extension was installed)
Maybe you can also send screenshot of the JoomSEF extension list

Also please note, in what language your site is published.

As regards Glossary, when checking its non-seo URLs it also seems you are using some different version. Our extension is looking for string like func=display or func=view, while the URLs you have seen are using task=list.

Therefore, in case of Deep Pockets, try using it with 2.0 "stable" and in case of Glossary, you may try with a bit older version.

I assume the other SEO URLs (e.g. for com_content) are working fine for you?
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Re:JoomSEF 2 with Deep Pockets add on configuration 15 years, 1 month ago #6729

Hi Jan, for Deep Pockets II version, I got in in developer website (just want to show you detailed info) and in Joomla it self, it only shown 2.0. To make it simple, we use latest available version in developer website.
Could you please provide me email address (I cannot figured out how to attach file in forum) then I send you detailed links information (generated by sitemap) for SEF and non SEF URLs, also a screen capture of the structure and JoomSEF extension itself.

I'm assure you if cache (has been disabled anyway) always cleaned and URLs purged when changing any configuration.If those information is not sufficient, I will upload our site therefore you can review it.

Other components working fine for SEF URLs, the site is in English.

Kind regards,

The topic has been locked.
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