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VM Invoices Changelog

--- 2.1.1 --- [19.5.2015]
new - tag to display order password on invoice
new - option to remove non-existent images from invoice
fix - shopper "title" field translation
fix - SQL error message when changing shipment/payment method
fix - text field displayed over product suggest box
fix - price calculation when applying percentage coupon

--- 2.1.0 --- [2.4.2015]
fix - incorrect shipment/payment method displayed in order editing
fix - numbering of {seq} tag starting from 2

--- 2.0.49 --- [23.3.2015]
imp - applying calculation rules for current user shopper group
fix - incompatibilities with VM 2.0.x
fix - shopper group prices being hidden
fix - invoices cache directory being translated

--- 2.0.48 --- [3.3.2015]
imp - updated Spanish translation (thanks to our user)
fix - missing table column error when saving payment/shipment plugin data

--- 2.0.47 --- [24.2.2015]
fix - fatal error with VM 1.x

--- 2.0.46 --- [18.2.2015]
new - option to display shipping description in Shipping selection box
imp - added tag for product category
imp - parent description displayed if variant description is empty
imp - tax per bill modifiers applied automatically in backend order creation
fix - incorrect stock calculation
fix - price modifiers disappearing from older orders
fix - product images display in PDF
fix - conditional blocks
fix - language constant in Global Configuration

--- 2.0.45 --- [10.11.2014]
new - support for RTL labels for totals
imp - support for 3rd party coupon plugins
fix - {subtotal_discounted} not being used in payment/shipping method
fix - {price_discounted} calculation

--- 2.0.44 --- [31.10.2014]
new - support for tags to display simple Custom Fields values on invoice
fix - payment and shipment translation to selected order language
fix - error when deleting order with VirtueMart invoice assigned
fix - error when generating invoice for order with no items
fix - {subtotal_base} not being used in totals
fix - subtotals in different currencies don't contain coupon discount

--- 2.0.43 --- [6.8.2014]
imp - improved compatibility with Joomla! 1.7

--- 2.0.42 --- [5.8.2014]
fix - fixed compatibility with PHP 5.2

--- 2.0.41 --- [23.7.2014]
imp - storing exchange rates history so older invoices are always printed with the same prices as the first time
imp - updated German translations
fix - loading VmTable class when displaying product attributes
fix - array_flip() warning
fix - deleted shopper fields not displayed anymore in available fields list in template configuration
fix - error in Global Configuration on Joomla 1.5
fix - extra fields selection in Global Configuration on VM 1

--- 2.0.40 --- [26.6.2014]
fix - "Show discount" setting now affect all {discount*} tags
fix - fixed new product name if translation is missing
fix - adding product with Stockable plugin
fix - small template and other fixes

--- 2.0.39 --- [16.6.2014]
imp - enabling debug mode will not affect automatic e-mails and front-end PDF opening
imp - VM2: if possible, VM plugins are used for computing shipping/payment costs when clicked "Apply"
fix - VM2: fixes when clicked on "Apply" at shipping/payment method
fix - fixed changing of ordered item quantity
fix - fixed display of order weight
fix - speed optimalization for large number of orders
fix - fixed some translations picking

--- 2.0.38 --- [28.5.2014]
imp - conditional blocks for template: {if condition} ... {/if}. See template -> Help.
imp - new version of TCPDF (6.0.082)
imp - new tags for separate parts of {items} table
fix - fixed some translations from VM 2.6.0
fix - fixed payment and shipping to be without tax if using {subtotal_discounted} as subtotal column
fix - czech translation fixed
fix - minor fixes

--- 2.0.37 --- [8.5.2014]
imp - possibility to recompute prices based on final price
fix - fixed order saving with Stockable plugin
fix - fixed saving coupon discount
fix - small fixes

--- 2.0.36 --- [2.5.2014]
imp - ability to use template marks {} inside e-mail subject and body
imp - button for reset cache manually
imp - updated Dutch translation
fix - customer title and country are translated using VM2 language files
fix - fixed e-mails sending function on some configurations

--- 2.0.35 --- [22.4.2014]
imp - possibility to delete order in list
imp - added possibility to use DOMDocument to fix template HTML
imp - added {product_weight_all} tag
fix - fixed "Use mailer info from: VirtueMart configuration" with VM2
fix - compatibility with VM 2.6.0
fix - some minor fixes

--- 2.0.34 --- [2.4.2014]
fix - fixed update script when using with PHP < 5.3
fix - fixed tax rate display if gross or net price is 0
fix - removed 'pdf_library' warnings (did not have effect on functionality)
fix - fixed adding product when using some older version of VM2
fix - clicking on "notify customer" checkbox did not work

--- 2.0.33 --- [31.3.2014]
imp - croatian invoice translation
imp - setting for override language of e-mail to vendor
fix - fixed table #__vminvoice_templates create fail on some storage engines
fix - dates on invoice displayed in user timezone, config option for document timezone
fix - VM2: fixed recomputing prices if order is in different than vendor's currency
fix - fixed {*-words} tags when using "Display in payment currency"
fix - supressed warning if order user does not exist
fix - minor fixes

--- 2.0.32 --- [26.3.2014]
new - credit notes support. they are saved as VM orders with negative prices.
imp - added {boxes_rounded} and {packages_rounded} tags
imp - templates moved to separate table (technical update)
imp - configuration re-arranged, supports inheritance, updated tooltips
imp - added options and tags to display further payment and shipping info (e.g. CC info)
fix - fixed "Tax Summary use rounded values" with different rounding then mathematical
fix - rounding of Swiss Franc to nearest 0.05 (in VM2 only if enabled in VM Pricing settings)
fix - fixed display of payments and shipments if translation is missing
fix - fixed creating user table indexes in VM1 and ajax user search with J1.5
fix - speed optimalization, many fixes and improvements

--- 2.0.31 --- [7.3.2014]
imp - product attributes edit using VM custom fields plugins and Cart variants imp - possibility to display totals also in payment currency
imp - possibility to display prices on invoice in payment currency (using fixed rate stored in time of order) imp - fixed saving payment and shipment details fix - fixed displaying payment and shipment details. if available, used are names saved in time of order. fix - fixed ajax product search if translation is missing fix - fixed registration tab missing from last update
--- 2.0.30 --- [4.3.2014]
new - hungarian and slovak invoice translations imp - Joomla 3.x compatibility (note: VM2 is not yet compatible with J3) imp - invoices are created in language saved in time of order (available since VM 2.0.22) imp - option to display strikethroughed prices before override, defaultly on imp - option to include HTML into body changed to yes/no (backward compatible)
fix - fixed prices saving incomatibly with VM > 2.0.20 fix - fixed totals in footer when using template with {subtotal_discounted} fix - fixed older TCPDF version from last update, included 6.0.015 again fix - minor fixes

--- 2.0.29 --- [21.2.2014] imp - VM2: product attributes are rendered using VM functions (and so plugins). You can adjust this behavior in Invoice Items settings. imp - VM2: possibility to create now order as guest, config option for default setting imp - option to send bcc to items manufacturer(s) imp - option to include invoice and delivery note in e-mail body instead of attaching PDF imp - new tags inside e-mail body: [%shipmentName%], [%billingEmail%] and [%orderTotal%] imp - own template for tax summary and total line imp - option to display totals in different currencies imp - new replacemenet fields ({boxes}, {packages}, total order weight and more) fix - fixed coupon and items discount sign if using with VM > 2.0.20 fix - fixed some untranslated strings from VM fix - fixed error when newly created shopper from order editing treated sometimes as vendor. in 2.0.28 -> update file included also backward fix for shoppers table. fix - various small fixes fix - improved automatic creation of customer search indexes --- 2.0.28 --- [30.9.2013] new - orders list sortable by various columns new - option to display weight in order editing new - filterable shipping field in orders list imp - stockable variant children handled a little better imp - coupon discount VAT calculation fix - negative timestamp fix - -100% tax when no tax applicable fix - adding products with quotes in their name fix - coupon discount included in Subtotal line fix - sending e-mail notifications for all statuses --- 2.0.27 --- [6.8.2013] new - config option for translate also product name on invoice imp - added filter by invoice date imp - added sorting option for invoice batch download imp - when adding parent product to order, "generic child variant" field is omitted imp - when editing translated product attributes, translation is displayed in tooltip fix - fixed multi-linguality support on invoice (translated also vendor, payment and shipment method) fix - showing shopper group on invoice fix - fixed E-mail configuration not being saved correctly --- 2.0.26 --- [26.6.2013] new - possibility to add custom vendor note to order. this note can be inserted to invoice or in e-mail using tags. enable it in Global Configuration => Order editing => Enable order notes. new - separate e-mails configuration for each Content language (in Joomla 1.5 for each front-end language) fix - VM2: accurate prices calculation for added/recomputed products fix - fixed bug with custom named delivery note file fix - translation was not applied to all attributes --- 2.0.25 --- [10.5.2013] Order editing (VM2): new - all price changes are now done by editing calculation rules, then recomputing whole row.       see tooltips for help. new - selecting product attributes for new product new - selecting price (if more prices defined) for new product imp - support for price overrides when editing product price imp - better editing of product attributes Customer search: new - auto-creating customer search indexes. prompt is displayed when having more than 100 address       records. This can speed up customer search when you have lot of customers. also config       option to disable the prompt. imp - improved customer search: searched by separated words, also in phone_1 or       virtuemart_userinfo_id fields Invoice: new - config option to not use certain tags on item rows, but use them in footer imp - new version of TCPDF (6.0.015) fix - VM2: real attribute titles for VM Custom Textinput plugin fix - tax % on total line was displayed even if there were both 0% and other tax rates Other: fix - fixed wrong VM version comparing --- 2.0.24 --- [27.2.2013] fix - fixed bug from previous version with duplicates lines when product has more images fix - fixed error when one image used multiple times --- 2.0.23 --- [22.2.2013] new - {item_image} tag and config options to show product image on invoice imp - shipping, payment, subtotal, tax summary and total lines now also works with       {tax_price_item} tag imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.205) imp - invoices list speed optimalization fix - fixed attribute nobr="true". When used for HTML tag, this is not divided between pages.       Works only for most outer tags. --- 2.0.22 --- [29.1.2013] fix - when delivery notes enabled, they were sent instead of invoice --- 2.0.21 --- [16.1.2013] new - French front/back end translation fix - fixed tmp folder issue with TCPDF fix - 500 error (blank page) on invoice since last version fix - installation archive created by Joomla! 2.5 ZIP library to fix installation on all systems --- 2.0.20 --- [7.1.2013] new - support for custom ordering of footer lines in items table imp - new tags for shipping details: {shipping_cpt}, {shipping_name}, {shipping_desc} imp - support for VM plugin events when creating new order or shopper from backend imp - new config options: subtotal columns without discount, display tax % rate in Total Tax line imp - invoice translations re-work, wider possibility to use Joomla! languages (support overrides,
      language classes) imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.202) imp - VM2: added proper attribute title for Custom Field Dropbox Plugin fix - VM2: order number generated directly by VM function (with VM > 2.0.3) fix - VM2: product stock adjusted properly when changed ordered quantity fix - VM2: order weight stored properly for shipment fix - fixed user info saving (with VM > 2.0.14) fix - cache folder don't use spaces to fix some problems with TCPDF fix - removed some Strict errors --- 2.0.19 --- [3.12.2012] fix - fixed javascript file missing on order page (with Joomla! > 1.6) --- 2.0.18 --- [27.11.2012] new - Swedish frontend translation new - conditional blocks in template: {lastpage, notlastpage, onepage, notonepage, firstpage,
      notfirstpage} - see "Possible replacement fields" in template screen imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.198) imp - possibility to use strftime() syntax in Date pattern - ability to use translated date
      (depends on server locales installed) imp - VM1: possible to select price per shopper group when adding product imp - added custom plugin events fix - VM2: pruduct tax wasn't multiplied by quantity (bug since VM 2.0.11) fix - VM2: improved discount value (now counts also with calculation rules) fix - VM2: fixed error on order save "Catchable fatal error ... vm2ordercalcrules.php on line 99" fix - when changed tax rate of product to other and then back, tax price was not recalculated fix - VM1: corrected vendor state name fix - fixed language files --- 2.0.17 --- [15.10.2012] imp - tax summary is calculated from rounded prices (new config option, defaultly enabled) imp - added 2 more possible extra fields fix - order's calculation rules fix (if using VM 2.0.11 or 2.0.12, additinal rows with 0 in total) fix - [%orderNumber%] tag fix --- 2.0.16 --- [8.10.2012] imp - more detailed configuration of invoice totals imp - added check if all item's statuses are selected imp - invoices opened from front-end are in current language, config option for disable that behavior imp - new e-mail replacable fields [%orderPass%] (for VM2) and [%orderURL%] imp - config option with default status for new orders imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.193) fix - fixed error from previous version when using product description tags fix - missing .pdf extension in custom named e-mail attachments fix - VM1: state full name displayed rather than 2-code fix - VM2: "table orders not found" fix --- 2.0.15 --- [4.9.2012] new - config option to turn off font subsetting (= embedding only part of font into PDF). Can possibly fix bug with some viewers. new - tag {seq}, {seq_dot} to display item sequentional number new - price tags with {...-words}: contains amount in words (result depend on language) new - UK address format imp - possibility to select new customer's group imp - separate recipient settings for invoice and delivery note imp - removed enclosing p tags and br tags from product description tags imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.181) fix - sometimes wrong edit links fix - non-functional save button fix - blank page when entered spaces to some field --- 2.0.14 --- [20.8.2012] new - config option to add Bcc. to e-mails new - config option for custom attachment filenames new - config option for different admin recipient of delivery note new - VM2: config option for taking product's discount into tax summary new - config options for showing separate lines for total net price, tax and discount imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.179) imp - creating new user with same login will add numeric suffix to login imp - customer searching also by user ID imp - possibility to add customer to VM based only on Joomla! account (and info from User
      Profile plugin) fix - background stretched to whole page without margins fix - Joomla 1.6 and more: new user's generated password fix - "Update also user default info?" prompt fixed fix - VM2: changing order status now uses VM2 code - all plugin events are called fix - VM1: subtotal fix --- 2.0.13 --- [19.7.2012] imp - config settings for displaying payment, payment type and it's discount/fee on separate row. imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.172) imp - German frontend update fix - invalid customer notify when creating new order fix - VM2: shipping address was same as billing fix - creating new user with non-transliterable characters (like Cyrillic) --- 2.0.12 --- [22.6.2012] imp - new tags for shipping and payment prices imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.167) fix - VM2: php warning when saving user with userfields fix - VM2: fatal error when changing order status and notifying customer fix - creating new customer with J!1.6 and newer --- 2.0.11 --- [5.6.2012] imp - config option for ordering items on invoice imp - config option for removing empty tags (use to clear empty lines on pdf) fix - VM1: fixed payment method save for new orders fix - fixed installation package --- 2.0.10 --- [22.5.2012] imp - new e-mail replacable field [%orderNumber%] imp - ability to enter more e-mail recepients separated by , or ; fix - product attributes on PDF in VM2 fix - adding new products containing & --- 2.0.9 --- [14.5.2012] imp - config options for behavior of shipping row fix - new version of TCPDF (5.9.162) - fixed issue with empty cells fix - currencies format fix --- 2.0.8 --- [9.5.2012] new - possibility to upload new .ttf fonts (unicode) imp - template tags: {items_count} - number of ordered items, {items_sum} - total
      quantity of ordered items imp - replacable fields in e-mail: [%title%], [%company%] and [%middleName%] fix - embedding images in e-mails fix - VM1: subtotal mismatch fix (if showing tax summary, only when having single tax rate) --- 2.0.7 --- [26.4.2012] new - Norweigian frontend translation fix - frontend translations being replaced by backend ones fix - {order_status} in VM1 fixed fix - not displaying "State 0", if state not defined fix - background image non-displaying fix fix - pdf cache not cleared after configuration change --- 2.0.6 --- [16.4.2012] new - new product tags: product_s_desc, product_desc, product_weight, product_weight_unit new - VM2: invoice numbering by order number imp - updated spanish translation fix - VM1: other discount decimals removed in order edit --- 2.0.5 --- [30.3.2012] new - {order_number} tag and possibility to use order number as variable symbol new - new tag {order_history} to show order history with date, status and comments new - italian translation (frontend and backend), finnish translation (frontend) fix - when order deleted, new invoice numbers were not created properly fix - extra fields erasing on order save fix - customer info javascript fix on J!1.5 --- 2.0.4 --- [22.3.2012] new - option "shipping same as billing" in customer address imp - search customer also by e-mail imp - VM2: updating also payment and shipment db tables fix - VM1: deletion of payment information when saving order fix - VM2: updating order status fix fix - tag {price_withtax} fixed fix - small batch fixes --- 2.0.3 --- [14.3.2012] new - config option for prices rounding (default changed to mathematical) imp - configuration re-organization and CSS update imp - new fields for {items} table imp - customer state/province/region list populated based on country imp - template tag without content is removed also with preceding fix - small template and calculation fixes --- 2.0.2 --- [7.3.2012] imp - config option to repeat items header on every page imp - config option for extended coupon display imp - config option for extended total display imp - config option for coupon VAT fix - VM2: fixes at order editing and saving fix - small fixes in template --- 2.0.1 --- [5.3.2012] imp - config option to break down coupon discount by specific VAT fix - VM1 translations fix fix - en-GB language override fix --- 2.0.0 --- [3.3.2012] new - support for Joomla! 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 new - support for VirtueMart 2.0.2 known issues: - VM2: changing order status when sending notify e-mail does not trigger VM plugins --- 1.7.10 --- [30.1.2012] imp - template editing for invoice items table imp - template fields spitted to captions and values imp - configuration options re-arrangement fix - small fixes --- 1.7.9 --- [4.1.2012] imp - new version of TCPDF (1.9.142) imp - menu translations fix - missing invoice numbering configuration fix - some configuration settings reset after save fix - warnings during configuration save fix - minor fixes in PDF --- 1.7.8 --- [20.12.2011] imp - convert images embedded in mail body imp - when adding product to order, calculate price incl. possible discounts fix - added check if PDF has been generated for cron mail fix - fixed sometimes incorrect mail subject & body in automatic mode fix - calculation of 0% tax rate --- 1.7.7 --- [14.11.2011] imp - PHP Tidy library version check + config option to turn off Tidy fix - fixed "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" warning when Autorun plugin is turned on --- 1.7.6 --- [11.11.2011] imp - new config option for generating image paths in PDF fix - fixed image paths (sometimes started with two slashes) fix - items table not generated when using currency symbols --- 1.7.5 --- [10.11.2011] imp - added function to tidy HTML code before creating PDF imp - new version of TCPDF (5.9.134) imp - added config option for minimum order id from which automatically assign new invoice numbers (when using own numbering) imp - added config option for tax rate matching tolerance imp - added config option for vendor logo size imp - updated layout of Control panel imp - configuration cleanup and reorganization fix - removed TCPDF notices in debug mode --- 1.7.4 --- [8.11.2011] imp - changes check for cache regeneration fix - AJAX product suggester problem on some servers --- 1.7.3 --- [4.11.2011] imp - TCPDF is loaded only if not loaded yet imp - invoice numbers are now created from oldest to newest --- 1.7.2 --- [27.10.2011] fix - missing fixed MultiListSQL error added fix - template body not defined (sometimes templates not installed at 1.7.0 installation) fix - image paths changed back to relative --- 1.7.1 --- [26.10.2011] new - added debug mode option imp - batch pre-generating also already cached PDFs imp - searching producs also by SKU fix - batch downloading invoices fix - MultiListSQL error fix - relative image paths in PDF set to absolute --- 1.7.0 --- [21.10.2011] new - invoice and delivery note template editing new - orders and invoices batch processing new - invoice prefix editing. Prefixes are saved separately for every invoice; by default, "Numbering prefix" configuration us used for new invoices new - invoice date editing; by default, date from "Invoice date" configuration is used for
      new invoices new - config option for standard or american address format new - config option to add background image imp - allow selecting more desired order statuses to send/generate invoice than one imp - editing delivery note email subject and body separately imp - config options for default vendor and currency imp - button to apply order status to all items imp - improved pre-caching: subdirectories in Joomla! tmp folder by order month imp - show only payments enabled in VM fix - sometimes inappropriate admin language fix fix - add same product more times --- 1.6.1 --- [17.9.2011] new - option to show shipping details imp - improved and better structured order editing GUI fix - tax rates displayed properly --- 1.6.0 --- [1.9.2011] new - option to show customer number new - option to show shopper group new - possibility to add "own product" into order imp - order address editing improvement ( possibility to add new customer, all shipping addresses are provided at customer search, possibility to also chage customer default address data) fix - payment method is saved in new order fix - adding new products sometimes deleted addresses --- 1.5.8 --- [3.8.2011] fix - shipping tax and tax rate calculation fix - invoices are generated always in site default language (if not overriden by 'use customer language') --- 1.5.7 --- [1.8.2011] fix - division by zero error bug fix --- 1.5.6 --- [25.7.2011] new - added option to generate invoice in customer language new - posibility to add/change invoice number at invoices list new - added option to show shipping date at invoice imp - VirtueMart products stock and sales update when editing order fix - sometimes "tax summary" showed only taxes for shipping --- 1.5.5 --- [16.7.2011] new - updated product attributes editing new - minor changes in order items editing GUI fix - when selected own numbering, new invoices are not created until order reaches defined state fix - patched bugs from VM causing wrong data display at order edit form fix - shipping costs tax calculation improved at order edit form fix - address display when "both - always" and "shipping" --- 1.5.4 --- [13.7.2011] imp - added possibility to add/update order coupon imp - added config option to where from get product final price (calculate it from base and VAT or take directly from VM order table) --- 1.5.3 --- [8.7.2011] new - added option to display quantity units (in invoices or DN) imp - added posibility to edit user fields from order fix - fixed problems with some order selects showing language constants instead of original values (mainly in DE language) fix - added missing *.z font files --- 1.5.2 --- [2.7.2011] fix - problems with file download (wrong headers) --- 1.5.1 --- [22.6.2011] new - replacable fields [%invoiceID%], [%orderID%], [%secondName%], [%firstName%] in e-mails new - added config option whether to show customer note (in invoice or in DN) new - added config option whether to display product attributes in invoice new - PDF pre-caching; one-time PDF generation + option to generate all missing invoices new - added possibility to change order state directly from invoices list imp - added option to customer notify on state change imp - possibility to translate invoice / DN filenames fix - shipping method display rework --- 1.5.0 --- [27.5.2011] new - creating new customers and orders manually new - advanced and fast order editing --- 1.4.10 --- [28.03.2011] fix - buffer cleaning re-added to prevent TCPDF Output error --- 1.4.9 --- [21.03.2011] fix - fixed mailing settings (shopper / shopkeeper) --- 1.4.8 --- [14.03.2011] fix - fixed currency display format. Loads from VirtueMart --- 1.4.7 --- [10.03.2011] fix - fixed logics in testing if shipping exists --- 1.4.6 --- [10.03.2011] fix - customer info is loaded from vm_order_user_info --- 1.4.5 --- [04.03.2011] fix - currencyDisplay conflict with VM fix --- 1.4.4 --- [28.02.2011] imp - added missing DB index - speed improvement imp - added email existence checking --- 1.4.3 --- [14.02.2011] new - multimailing tool added imp - order statuses loaded from VirtueMart imp - batch sending order reversed (from oldest to newest) imp - added frontend NL translation file imp - updated DE translation files fix - loading customer emails from order, not user account --- 1.4.2 --- [25.01.2011] fix - removed warning error when no images fix - different way of loading files to prevent errors --- 1.4.1 --- [24.01.2011] fix - image paths when no site root is defined fix - bug when sending emails automatically --- 1.4.0 --- [20.01.2011] new - header and footer options new - page number generation new - option to show payment type new - updated TCPDF library to v5.9.046 new - new fonts available imp - added mailing options fix - removed Notice level messages --- 1.3.4 --- [14.01.2011] new - added possibility of variable symbol generation --- 1.3.3 --- [06.01.2011] fix - own invoice numbering - make sure to add zeros before invoice number --- 1.3.2 --- [05.01.2011] new - added option for invoice date type selection (create/modify/current) imp - added back-end menu translations --- 1.3.1 --- [28.12.2010] fix - support for address_2 and state fields in addresses fix - removed output buffer clean notice error -- -1.3.0 --- [28.11.2010] new - added option of own invoice numbering with prefix new - added options for taxable payment date and maturity date imp - added translation on extra customer fields imp - translation completed (CZ, DE, EN, SK) --- 1.2.3 --- [23.11.2010] fix - tax summary bugfix add - new option for address display (both - always, both if different) add - new option to show subtotal --- 1.2.2 --- [22.11.2010] imp - front-end language cleanup add - added German translations --- 1.2.1 --- [21.11.2010] fix - front-end loading error fix --- 1.2.0 --- [20.11.2010] imp - front-end unauthorized message fix - invoice front-end access authorization fix fix - plugin errors fixed fix - pdf product price removed for delivery note imp - pdf new amounts in table imp - pdf tax summary setting imp - pdf SKU for products imp - pdf label for dates imp - pdf can display both adresses (delivery and billing) imp - pdf can display vat id and company id now imp - new config to select mail settings imp - speed optimization, duplicated query removal --- 1.1.2 --- [09.11.2010] fix - online updater Download ID length check fix
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